The need for an optimal Yard Management

Industrial companies, manufacturers, large distribution and port facilities are increasingly dependent on the excellence of their logistics to succeed in a market as competitive as the current one. Although the first thing usually solved are production and stock management needs, in large logistics centers it is also important to take care of the activities of the cargo vehicles that enter and leave the premises. Let's name this need as Yard Management.

Our vision in Tecsidel suggests addressing all aspects of Yard Management through a single system, rather than treating it as a set of independent incidents. The solution is built on the following basic pillars:

• Planning of the enclosure activities

• Access control of vehicles and people

• Security of the enclosure

• Management of internal transits, waiting points and location

• Management of the operating areas of the enclosure (loading / unloading areas, scales...)

• Control of activity (loads, discharges, weighing...)

• Documentary control

The nature of each project will require greater emphasis on some points than others, which is represented by the configuration and flexibility offered by our SEGA LTM ??system, an innovative product with all the capabilities that can be expected from an advanced Yard Management System. SEGA LTM is designed and implemented by Tecsidel, a company with more than 35 years of experience in integrated systems for traffic and logistics management.

A convenient management of the room's agenda, taking into account the productivity of loading / unloading points and managing hourly capacities, is key to achieving an appropriate flow of movement. The agenda should be coordinated with the actors involved (external and internal), so that the possibilities of collaboration offered by the system will make possible a realistic planning. Thanks to the web technologies and smartphones available today in a massive way, Tecsidel SEGA LTM ??establishes a very practical workflow for the negotiation and acceptance of appointments by the different parties.

In yards with high traffic it is also important that the entry operations are fast and at the same time capture complete and accurate information on the activities to be performed. SEGA LTM ??takes advantage of the technologies most appropriate to each case to offer automatic access roads for vehicles that have contributed their data during the scheduling process. The unattended and safe operation of access is achieved with the help of license plate and container OCR cameras, vehicle TAG readers and proximity cards, scales or vehicle classification systems, apart from the vehicle video recording in case it needs to be checked later. To give instructions to the driver, panels are used and tickets are issued. An intercom system can be used to deal with incidents.

Inside the yard our goal will be that vehicles follow a route with the activities that must be done according to their planning. These flows are configured in SEGA LTM ??which will be permanently monitoring their compliance and notifying the site administrator of any deviations that occur through a visual alerts system.

Flows usually include activities such as inspection, weighing, unloading, washing, loading or documentation. The regulation of capacities is usually solved with waiting and queuing parkings. The control by SEGA LTM ??of the vehicle evolution in the yard can be supported in technology again. To mention some possibilities, the TAGs and OCR license plates allow automatic control of entrance and exit zones, proximity cards combined with self-service stations serve to manually confirm the arrival by the driver. The driver's guidance inside the enclosure is often done with variable led panels that show the destinations where the vehicle is waiting. The "beepers" delivered at the entrance and collected at the exit are an effective alternative to send instructions to the driver all the time.

The management at the points of activity can be totally transferred to the control system of the area with a simple interface between systems (a warehouse management system, for example can handle the load). In the case of Tecsidel SEGA LTM, operations can also be fully managed at points with no intelligent systems.

In order to complete the circuit, the exit procedures of the yard can also be automated with vehicle inspections by weight deviation or random to preserve the quality, before proceeding the exit. Thanks to SEGA LTM ??the vehicle control may not be finished here, since it is a multi-enclosure system, so that trucks between two LTM plants can be controlled in transit through the SEGA DMS module. This combination provides maximum precision in estimating arrival times at the destination yard and allows SEGA LTM ??to further streamline shuttle services between plants.

At Tecsidel we will be delighted to advise you on the design of an optimal system for your enclosures, and to implement turnkey solutions with just the right automation that maximizes your profitability, always under the control of our SEGA LTM ??software.

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