R+D+i: SNIFER – service of optical fiber monitoring system

The project "development of a monitoring system of quality of service (QoS, Qo?)for optical fiber access, for metropolitan and core networks"(SNIFER), funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through the program INNPACTO 2011, is an experimental, multi-year development project (2011-2013) carried out in cooperation by the companies and entities: W-onesys, Tecsidel and the Optical Communications Group of the Polytechnic University of Catalunya.

The objective of this project is the design, the implementation and validation of a system of advanced monitoring of indicators relating to the quality of optic network at an optical level (Qo?, Quality of Lambda) and the quality of services (QoS, Quality of Service) end-to-end (transport layer plus IP service layer), in ultra fast IP networks with core based on DWDM optical technology (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing).
This system will obtain measurements of performance network covering two different levels:

  • Optical Level, through probes for digital/optical performance monitoring (OPM/DPM), which extends the standard ITU-T G.7710, located in the transport nodes ROADM (Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexer) equipment of an optical network DWDM, which will monitor quality of an optical DWDM channel parameters and, incorporate modules BERT (Bit Error Rate Tester) up to 10Gbps, it also can monitor the quality of the end-to-end digital link. Through such benefits we may implement policies of preventive and proactive maintenance of the optical network. Finally with the addition of a micro OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectomer) we can implement reactive maintenance through the rapid location of a rupture of the fiber-optic link.

  • Services Level, by mean of probes of Quality of Service (QoS) placed at network access points, which will measure end.to-end quality and availability of IP services in order to evaluate the quality perceived by the user.

Both levels of quality measures will be integrated into a central collection system with a single repository. The information collected will be subject to:

  • The exploitation of the data generated in real time, studying the quality requirements of the physical conditions on the links IP/DWDM, possible correlations between measures and finally providing access to reports and analysis.

  • Integration with external systems, to what will develop a standard Northbound interface to provide alarms and performance data.

The system will be submitted to final validation according to a series of requirements for use by a transmission network operator. To do this, the system will be implanted on an advanced and experimental optical network belonging to ASON typology (Automatically Switched Optical Network), formed by a ring of three ROADM optical nodes, from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).


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