R+D+i: ITS + platform

The software platform (ITS+) is the basis of the Tecsidel ITS Plus solution. ITS+ is compatible with most popular communications protocols: TCP/IP, NTCIP, PROFIBUS, MODBUS or DGT Protocol.

It is organized in three levels:

User interface

It includes the overview of the road, including the location of equipment and showing them through icons, animations and colour codes expressing their status in real time. It's a user friendly interface; navigability through the different screens and options stands out for its friendly and simple form.

Business logic

It is the core of the system. It consists of a number of applications and processes that handle the processing of data obtained from the devices of peripheral systems. It also has the task of generating reports from the information in the database.

Devices access

It includes the necessary implementation of the communications protocols with the devices.

The modular architecture of the application is fully scalable and has a high adaptability. High configuration flexibility of each of the equipment, and allows users to meet all their needs regarding the visualization of the devices status from the highway.

The model used is the customer/server based on web technology between the central system and the operation centers. This allows having as many operating positions as needed with virtually no setup time while having remote access through VPNs.

The system applications are implemented using multi-thread technology, which allows that the blocking of communications with a device or any input/output component do not affect the other systems control.

In addition, it is prepared so that it can run on a cluster environment with processes redundancy managed by the cluster software management. The system is also ready to run on a virtual machine. Each user is associated with a language set for him or herself. Thus there may be users who use different languages ??within the same system.

It also includes data recording allowing post-accident investigation. Reports on each subsystem are generated on the GUI and in Portable Document Format (pdf) and exportable to Microsoft Excel format.

The development of this platform has received aid from the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER), in the context of the IDI-20140486 project, provided by the Center for Industrial Technological Development under the "Operational Programme I+D+i  by and for the benefit of Technological Enterprises-Fund, 2007-2013".