R+D+i: GECASS: Management of assistance centres of social services

The project "Development of a Web application modular management of centers of assistance social services (GECASS)", funded by the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism, within the National Plan of scientific research, development and technological innovation 2008-2011 (TSI-020605-2012-37), is an experimental field national, multi-year development project (2012-2014) performed by the company Tecsidel.

The objective of the GECASS project is to build a modular Web application for the management of residential service centers of social services whose purpose is to help improve the quality and to increase the efficiency in the services. His contribution and differentiation with other possible partial solutions available on the market are based on the following characteristics:

  • Complete management, coordinated and integrated in different areas of the centers.

  • Oriented management processes (work flows), against traditional management by departments, in order to optimize resources and improve the quality of care.

  • Based on open architectures and Cloud Computing that prevents the managing of centres such companies dispose of own infrastructure. Their access is feasible from any connection through the Internet.

  • Easy implementation and start-up. Adaptable and customizable to each client according to your business rules.

  • Modularity that allows to offer a range of features that the customer can choose and to incorporate progressively on the basis of needs or stages that arise, causing them to have a global management of all areas of the organization.

  • Combination of tools, technologies and existing devices that give the application of power and flexibility as well as future possibilities of growth.

It is directly focused on residences of elderly or disabled intellectuals in its various forms of services (permanent, temporary or day stays) and both belonging to public entities and private entities. Its two strongest points are Cloud Computing and process management. The GECASS project aims to cover what are operational processes and since support processes that constitute key activities on which depends the Centre to fulfil its mission.

This project bases its differentiation in the use and combination of various technologies, including management system of contents (CMS), Manager of business processes (BPM), rules of business, tablets computer, electronic signature and identification by radio frequency (RFID) engine.

The project is not focused to develop a product with a high degree of technological innovation but that its purpose is to create a new market product in that it is intended to be a comprehensive modular solution in SaaS mode that combines proven and widely used technologies. In addition, the fact of being a global solution that manages and intercoms all areas of a facility makes it very different from other products already marketed. The areas covered are management accesses, resident, human resources, procurement and warehouse, pharmacy, conservation facilities, kitchen, cleaning and hygiene and administrative.


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