Visit us at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2014

Tecsidel tolling systems & ITS will attend as exhibitor at the next edition of the fair Intertraffic , which will be held in Amsterdam next month of March 2014. Intertraffic Amsterdam 2014 is organised by Amsterdam RAI and will take place in halls 1-6, 9-11 and the room Elicium at the Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre.

The fair will last four days and will be open to the public from Tuesday 25 March at 10 A.M. to Friday 28 at 4 p.m. that closes its doors. During the event you can find us at Hall 11 stand 415. To make an appointment in advance with our experts we provide them with your contact details. To manage your registration can consult the official website:

We look forward to them!

Business Unit Director
Toll systems & ITS


Victor Gil
+34 606987459

Sales Manager
Toll systems & ITS


Michele Ganz
+34 699100007

Technical Manager
Toll systems & ITS


Francisco Medina
+34 616402895


International Sales Engineer
Toll systems & ITS


Rafael Cubiles
+34 609936454

LATAM Area Manager
Toll systems & ITS


Alicia Perez
+34 616852888

International Sales Engineer
Toll systems & ITS


Bojan Jovicevic
+34 681106426

Visit us at Logistec Expo 2014

Tecsidel invites you to visit its stand at LOGISTEC EXPO 2014 to introduce the latest developments in the optimization of operations, with special attention to the processes of logistic operators of general loads and hazardous materials. Tecsidel has a direct presence in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Spain and has important references at international level both in America and in Europe.

On this occasion, Tecsidel presents the innovative AGV of Kivnon, ideal for the transportation of goods in automated way within warehouses, that by its operation, its simple implementation and commissioning and its low cost it becomes an attractive alternative for the optimization of internal transport.

LOGISTEC EXPO is held on 27th and 28th March in the Centro de Distribución de Megacentro – Miraflores, in Santiago de Chile, ranked as one of the most innovative and fastest growing specialized initiatives in the country.

We are waiting for you at our stand N3-N4 to let you know the best logistic solutions of the international market.  To make an appointment in advance with our experts we provide you their contact details. To manage your registration you can consult the official website:

Corporate Sales Manager
Logistics systems


Francesc Plensa
+ 34 690699439

Regional Director
Logistics systems


Mario Vergara
+ 34 648539361

THOT: Diagnosis of incidents in ADSL, cable and voice for ONO

The THOT system developed by Tecsidel responds to the need to reduce costs and times of operation of the processes of high, activation and maintenance of services of ADSL, cable and fiber provided by ONO to residential customers for access to Internet, TV and voice.

THOT solves this challenge by making for the customer care staff and field technicians, involved in the above-mentioned processes, a tool for effective and easy to use in the verification of the availability of telecommunication services. It facilitates also the diagnosis and resolution of issues.

THOT also allows managing the wide variety of brands, models and different versions of existing operating systems for such equipment, which the operator technicians can avoid using tools proprietary of the manufacturers of the equipment as to dispense with the simultaneous multiple systems management network management.

{slider Characteristics of THOT|closed}

  • Differentiated for different types of user profiles: Customers Service, the NOC operators, technical field staff.

  • Common to all technologies and managed networks, web-based GUI interface.

  • Inventory information from customers and teams in the own database system THOT, periodically synchronized with the master inventory systems, to prevent excessive connections with these systems whenever users perform test requests.

  • Oriented multitasking and multiuser, i.e. simultaneously multiple users can perform multiple tests.

  • Execution of those test delayed execution time may be high, including facilities to record and view later results.

  • Massive realization of preventive tests, as it is the case of interrogation of all modems cable of ONO Park (more than 200,000 computers are interrogated in less than 15 minutes).


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eAdmin in the City Hall of Gavà

We have implemented our e-Government solution to cover the entire cycle of processing any case (from the check, through the processing and resolution of the record, to their preservation by the file) at the City Hall of Gavà.

As a result of our success, we advanced in the project's administrative modernization of the city implementing new administrative procedures, enriching the platform with a module of data miningintegrating new systems of information, gateway payments, etc.

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Service management applications for ERICSSON

We have collaborated with ERICSSON in the transformation of a model of management based on Time & Materials an AM (Application Management) model, managing to improve efficiencies, productivity and the quality of the service, with management applications under Use of our Software Factory and service level agreements (near shore). All this has helped our customer to focus on higher-value activities.

We have provided greater flexibility in managing demand, adapting it to the real demand. For this Demand management  JIRA from Atlassian has been used, providing our customer an efficient balance between the production and delivery of products and/or services.

Our catalogue of AM services with Ericsson has been focused on the certification systems and system testing services NGOSS and end user services:

{slider Maintenance|closed}

  • Corrective maintenance

  • Adaptive maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Evolutionary maintenance

  • Implementation of new functionalities

{slider Support}

  • Management of queries and requests

  • Troubleshooting


NGOSS systems are part of the map of OSS systems of Telefónica of Spain and covers different aspects of activation and supervision of network transmission, Broadband and customer’s network. These systems are: GEISER, GRAFO, PERSIA, COFRE, HDS, CARMELA, HERMES, ACS, ARES, CROSS, GMLC y APC/MeS.

R+D+i: GECASS: Management of assistance centres of social services

The project "Development of a Web application modular management of centers of assistance social services (GECASS)", funded by the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism, within the National Plan of scientific research, development and technological innovation 2008-2011 (TSI-020605-2012-37), is an experimental field national, multi-year development project (2012-2014) performed by the company Tecsidel.

The objective of the GECASS project is to build a modular Web application for the management of residential service centers of social services whose purpose is to help improve the quality and to increase the efficiency in the services. His contribution and differentiation with other possible partial solutions available on the market are based on the following characteristics:

  • Complete management, coordinated and integrated in different areas of the centers.

  • Oriented management processes (work flows), against traditional management by departments, in order to optimize resources and improve the quality of care.

  • Based on open architectures and Cloud Computing that prevents the managing of centres such companies dispose of own infrastructure. Their access is feasible from any connection through the Internet.

  • Easy implementation and start-up. Adaptable and customizable to each client according to your business rules.

  • Modularity that allows to offer a range of features that the customer can choose and to incorporate progressively on the basis of needs or stages that arise, causing them to have a global management of all areas of the organization.

  • Combination of tools, technologies and existing devices that give the application of power and flexibility as well as future possibilities of growth.

It is directly focused on residences of elderly or disabled intellectuals in its various forms of services (permanent, temporary or day stays) and both belonging to public entities and private entities. Its two strongest points are Cloud Computing and process management. The GECASS project aims to cover what are operational processes and since support processes that constitute key activities on which depends the Centre to fulfil its mission.

This project bases its differentiation in the use and combination of various technologies, including management system of contents (CMS), Manager of business processes (BPM), rules of business, tablets computer, electronic signature and identification by radio frequency (RFID) engine.

The project is not focused to develop a product with a high degree of technological innovation but that its purpose is to create a new market product in that it is intended to be a comprehensive modular solution in SaaS mode that combines proven and widely used technologies. In addition, the fact of being a global solution that manages and intercoms all areas of a facility makes it very different from other products already marketed. The areas covered are management accesses, resident, human resources, procurement and warehouse, pharmacy, conservation facilities, kitchen, cleaning and hygiene and administrative.


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R+D+i: CRIPTO10G – DWDM transmission system

The project "Development of a DWDM transmission system with encryption hardware data to analysis the QoS for streams digital data up to 10Gbps per channel (CRIPTO10G) and level 2 (AES)" funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, within the National Plan of Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011 (TSI-020601-2012-13) is an experimental, multi-year development project (2012-2014) made in cooperation with the companies W-onesys and Tecsidel, with the participation of the Group of optical communications of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the technology center of telecommunications of Catalonia.

The main objective of the CRIPTO10G project is the design and implementation of a system based on high performance a platform that would ensure confidentiality with costs assumed in transport of data optical fiber for transmission up to 10 Gbps per channel using digital encryption, hardware and software analyzing additionally the quality of service (QoS). The measurement of the variation of optical parameters involved in this transmission (optical power received, the error bit, etc.) allow to detect and analyze possible interceptions of a particular channel at some point in the fiber-optic link. This process, combined with encryption of data oriented the product resulting from the project to security applications; apply both in optical transport with high-bandwidth - metropolitan or backbone networks and points of demarcation in access networks.

It should be noted that a solution that in the networks field of access combine the benefits of high-bandwidth (10Gbps) demarcation point with data encryption without overhead in terms of bandwidth (unlike the IPSEC), satisfies the need for confidentiality and quality coming up the new paradigms of the telecommunications networks such as "cloud" applications or any application based on the outsourcing of data centers or backup CPDs. This need is determined by the vulnerability of networks based on fiber optic, the strategic nature of the databases that are managed on the Internet (CRMs, industrial designs, sensitive information, etc.) and the large bandwidths that because multimedia applications of new generation in the short term will be required.

The realization of hardware platform CRIPTO10G departs from the hardware modules developed in previous projects of I+DRATON (TSI-020100-2010-135) , CANIS (TSI-020100-2011-17)in the framework of which developed modules of transmission for DWDM applications based on programmable logic parts (FPGA)of high performance and some IPcores (software for FPGAs) which, among others, made it possible to measure the QoS of a specific according to ITU-G.7710 and ITU Y.1731 standards channel, and the implementation of a microOTDR. In CRIPTO10G hardware modules are updated so that they can be programmed, simultaneously the FPGAs, the IPcores for measurement of quality of service and the microOTDR, with the new IPcores dedicated to data encryption based on Advanced Encryption Standard, according to the Rijndael and Diffie-Hellman algorithms


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Tecsidel es IBM Business Partner y IBM Service Provider, y dispone de consultores certificados en diferentes componentes de la Suite Tivoli (

  1. Gestión de activos: IBM Maximo Asset Management, IBM Maximo Configuration Manager, IBM Maximo Contract and Procurement Manager

  2. Gestión de la configuración y cambios: TADDM (Tívoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager), TCCMD, etc

  3. Rendimiento y gestión de red: Netcool Omnibus, Tivoli Network Manager (ITNM), Netcool Proviso, Netcool Impact, etc.

  4. Gestión de nivel de servicio: Tivoli Business Service Manager (TBSM), Tívoli SLA, Tívoli SQM, etc.

  5. Disponibilidad y rendimiento de aplicaciones: ITM (Tivoli Monitoring)

  6. Seguridad: Tivoli Identity and Access manager, Tivoli Directory Server, etc.

La relación de Prime Business Partner con IBM permite a Tecsidel suministrar las licencias y sus correspondientes “Annual Maintenance Renewals” relacionadas con el software de la brand Tivoli, siempre con la intervención de un mayorista en la cadena asociada a este suministro, entre IBM y Tecsidel.

Los importes de las licencias a suministrar se calculan de acuerdo a unidades de uso del producto implicado, el cómputo de estas unidades es distinto según la naturaleza del proyecto. Interviene en este cómputo la tipología del cliente (customer band) a la que el usuario final del producto pertenece según criterios establecidos por IBM.

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Tecsidel proporciona soluciones para la gestión y operación de redes avanzadas basadas en las suites OSS y BSS de COMARCH ( con quien desde octubre de 2008 mantiene acuerdos de colaboración. Tecsidel tiene también en marcha prospecciones comerciales para la aplicación de soluciones COMARCH en el ámbito M2M y operadores SMB.

La suite OSS de COMARCH incluye productos que permiten implantar soluciones de inventario de red y servicios, con muchas e importantes referencias. Tecsidel como partner local de Comarch, está autorizada para adoptar el papel de “Prime Contractor” y “Channel Supply” en proyectos OSS correspondientes al suministro, implantación, despliegue e integración basados en la suite OSS de Comarch.

La presencia de consultores e ingenieros de Comarch en las actividades de Gestión de Proyecto y Calidad, Análisis y Diseño de la solución en proyectos de inventario es imprescindible y su intensidad debe modularse en función de la complejidad del proyecto y la experiencia concreta del partner. Las actividades relativas a configuración, integración, implementación y documentación son susceptibles de ser llevadas a cabo por un partner con formación certificada por Comarch.

Tecsidel tiene previsto en su roadmap la formación certificada por Comarch de sus técnicos, acorde con las necesidades de los proyectos a realizar para sus clientes en España. Dicha formación es condición ineludible para mantener el partenariado con Comarch.

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Desde marzo de 2009 Tecsidel es partner tecnológico y comercial de Witbe (, especialista en soluciones de medida de calidad de experiencia (QoE) de servicios de voz, video y datos en base a los robots de dicha compañía. Estos robots:

  • Situados en puntos estratégicos de la red, actúan como usuarios finales: llaman, ven programas de TV, cambian de canal,...

  • Permiten una monitorización proactiva de los servicios desde el lado del cliente, de extremo a extremo

  • Alertan al operador si detectan degradación o indisponibilidad de los servicios prestados, registrándose los contenidos afectados


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