Tecsidel gets SOA Classification Certificate in Italy

Tecsidel has obtained the SOA Contractors’ Classification Certificate in Italy for Public Works execution under OS9 modality in IV category, and OS19 modality in VII category. The OS9 modality belongs to the construction of data transmission and telecommunications networks systems. OS19 belongs to the construction of traffic security systems and traffic light signals.

Thanks to this classification certificate issued by SOA Laghi Certification Organization, which is valid for three years, Tecsidel has consolidated itself in the Italian market for construction works execution.

You can check the SOA Certification validity here:


You can also download the SOA Classification Certificate here:



Comprehensive solution for Container Storage Management

Tecsidel and Solport partner to offer a perfectly integrated modular system that lets you manage all processes of container storage through PC fixed stations and Android portable terminals.

ERP / CRM management takes into account doors management, machine and box inspections, inner workings, container bookings, budget management and materials storage. It integrates the customers’ shipping lines by using EDI messaging. Communication with customers through the Solution Website simplifies budgets management, Bookings or Stocks.

Tecsidel module, SEGA Depot Operations, covers the physical management of container storage. It is based on a map where there are locations of various storage areas and inner workings, on which the planning movements are graphically performed. The system optimizes the reach stackers activities and other internal cargo vehicles, and it updates the containers handled location in real-time. The work done by each vehicle and operator are registered to provide full traceability.

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Comprehensive simulation for orders

When our main goal is to improve efficiency we often need to introduce technology in warehouse processes. Processes that must respond to the change in the demand’s pattern, with a big tendency to increase the number of orders and reduce its size. This implies major challenges for the warehouse design, because the standard designs can fail massively due to the variety of our orders and it can convert automation process in a limitation.

These designs may work on paper, since the methods are often used to size them (statistical analysis in Excel mainly) simplify the problem. That loss of variables can be fatal and make the theoretical good design work below expectations in the reality. Because we are speaking of actual orders whose dynamic behavior in the warehouse causes bottlenecks in manual and automatic points. This is magnified because of seasonal variations and the level of booming demand that every company has in its logistics chain.

There is an element that is rarely sufficiently valued in tenders’ warehouse with automation: SGA software, which should coordinate everything and be responsible for automatic movements WCS.

The ability of the software manufacturer to provide imaginative solutions in varying scenarios, can be a real lifesaver. In addition, it can be much less expensive than raising changes in automatic installations.

In Tecsidel as a supplier with a long history of SGAs integrated with automatic support, we are convinced that simulation can provide much more security on the operation of our warehouse design. Simulation is the tool that will allow us to recreate in a virtual way the physical and logical environment that we build, with the aim of evaluating the installation performance in various scenarios of actual and projected orders.

Finally, the simulator must represent all hardware subsystems with sufficient precision. Once a realistic simulator is built, it is time to inject all kinds of scenarios in order to study the productivities and times that can be achieved in each one.

During the simulation it is always interesting to see the progression of the KPIs, to identify both locate bottlenecks and idle resources, which can occur in automatic or manual parts. A flexible tool for analyzing detailed information is Excel. Once problems are detected, it is time to readjust buffers, productivity, number of operators or tweak layout, and reprocess the simulation to reach a satisfactory result.

In Tecsidel we have SEGA SIM platform on which we build this kind of simulators for customers or their consultants to certify personally designs and adjust them carefully before investing. The same concept is extended to other logistics processes in the warehouse.

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Tecsidel will be exhibitor at SIL 2016

Barcelona will celebrate the eighteenth edition of the International Logistics Exhibition (SIL), on 7th, 8th and 9th of June 2016. SIL 2016 will take place at ‘Fira de Barcelona’ (Av. Reina Maria Cristina, s / n) to gather the main international models in Logistics, and Tecsidel will not miss this event.

For the first time in history it will be celebrated together with XXXIII ALACAT Congress, the largest congress of Loads and Logistics Operators in Latin America and the Caribbean, FIATA, IATA and ASAPRA. The ALACAT Congress will offer 8 sessions with 45 international first class speakers: Sergio Mujica, CEO of World Customs Organization (WCO), or Steve Parker, President of European Transport, Logistics and Customs Services Association (CLECAT), among many others.

Visitors will find new ideas, products, services and proven experiences that will open their minds to new trading strategies in their companies, with a very positive impact on business results. SIL 2016 is aimed at managers and professionals in areas such as Logistics Operations, Supply Chain, Transport, Purchasing, Procurement, Planning, Sales, Marketing, Production and Trade, among others.

The exhibitors are divided in the following way:

42% transport systems and logistics, infrastructure and real estate

32% Telematics, e-business, telecommunications, IT solutions

26% Storage, equipment, handling and packaging

Tecsidel Logistics Systems (which will be located at stand E512) will take the opportunity to introduce it snew solutions: the logistics operations simulator, SEGA SIM, and management of container yards, SP DEPOT and SEGA DPO. For the latter two solutions Tecsidel organizes, together with its partner Solport, a cocktail to present them properly. This cocktail will take place on the same stand on 8th of June at 12pm.

Installers electricity Junior international share on social networks

Job description

Cycle training grade means electricity, or electronics or telecommunications
Authorization for work at height and electrical hazard
Availability is required to reside in Norway 3 - 4 months
1 year of experience in work of electrical installations


We are a company with over 30 years in the world of information technology, logistics, telecommunications and vehicle management. We have staff both at the national level, 400 professionals distributed between its networks in Barcelona, Madrid and Valladolid; at international level, 100 professionals including Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Portugal, Mexico and Norway.

What we are looking for?

We are looking for a team of 6 persons about to work for 6 months approximately in Norway as installers.

The tasks which mainly developed are:

  • Management tools such as screwdrivers, spanners, Allen keys, pliers, scissors

  • Installation of the equipment that road as cameras, lasers and the antennas of between 1 and 5 Kg approximate weight approx.

  • The wiring between equipments and servers Doghouse

  • Handling wires and strip them pipes that can be between 50 and 100 m (cables always without tension when handled)

  • Placement of the interior cabinets

  • Labelling of equipment and cables

Part of these tasks must be made

Ashore as the cables strip between the teams that are in the gantry (the arc by passers-by cars) and the servers that are in a server cabinet

In height, usually with the help of an elevator as you can see in photos for the placement of cameras, lasers, etc.

There is a training period in annual gross Barcelona.Salario: 18,000, + 49 diaries in respect of diet, + lodging + transportation.?? LOCATION OF THE POSITION: NORWAY. MUST HAVE AUTHORIZATION TO WORK IN HEIGHT AND ELECTRICAL HAZARD

It is not necessary to have languages.
Must have driver's license.
Training in electricity. Training cycle grade average electricity.

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International Assistant Dept. Tecnico-comercial

Job description

  • Studies: Bachelor's degree or degree in business administration or similar careers.

  • Driver's license

Experience in ordering, tracking, and visits to customers.

  • Proficiency in English.

  • Domain of the office package.

  • Experience in a similar position within the commercial Department, especially in the preparation of documents for international bidding of engineering sector

Desired requirements

  • Experience in ordering, tracking, and visits to customers.

  • Plus a second language.

  • Experience in the sector of engineering companies.

Essential resident in: province post vacancy
We are currently looking for a / Assistant for our comercial-tecnico Department.
Its main functions are supporting the network business of the Department, preparing necessary administrativa-tecnica documentation for the commercial offer. We are looking for a person coniniciativa, a high degree of organization and order, with an excellent command of the English language and the office package. As minimum requirements Studies: Bachelor's degree or degree in business administration or similar careers.
Driver's licenseRequirements desiredexperience in ordering, tracking, and visits to customers. what we offer? Continuous training in languages.
Possibility of incorporating a company in expansion and with national and international presence.
Integration in a young but experienced team.
Job stability.

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Programmer analyst C++ Barcelona C

Job description

Do you have experience in developing applications in C C++?

Fancy new professional challenges?

Skills & expertise desired

We seek professionals with solid experience in application development.

At least 3 years of experience as a programmer analyst in required:

  • C/C++

  • Linux, Linux Kernel,

  • POSIX,

  • Qt,

  • System drivers

  • Development industrial environments

  • Knowledge assembler

  • Real time systems

  • Concurrent programming

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Analyst programmer J2EE Valencia

Job description

Would you like to work on a project of SmartCity?

You bring experience in developing J2EE applications?

Would you like to get involved in new professional challenges?

If all your answers were affirmative, this is your offer, keep reading!

Skills & expertise desired

  • More than 2 years of experience in the sector of technological consulting.

  • Minimum experience in analysis and design of architectures of web applications.

  • Knowledge of the related technological environment.

  • Development of load ETL and BI DW modeling processes.

  • Integration of systems through web services and development in service oriented architectures.

  • Development of applications, mainly Web channel

Programming languages:

? J2EE (servlet, JSP, EJB, Struts, Hibernate, Springs)
? .NET (C#): (desirable)

Web development

? HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, Jquery Mobile
? ExtJS
? Adaptive Responsive Design (BootStrap): (desirable)

J2EE development framework:

? Struts
? Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Batch
? Spring - Security, Spring
? JSF (Jsf2, RichFaces)
? Hibernate

FIWARE technology:: (desirable)

? Context Broker (management of contexts ORION)
? GONE IoT Device GW
? CKAN (OpenData)
? BigData Analysis, Hadoop integration...

Testing Framework:: (desirable)

? Junit
? Selenium
? Jenkins and sound

Integration of services:

? Framework web services: Axis2, CXF, JAX-WS and JAX-RS
? Standards: WSDL, XML, XSL, SOAP, REST, XPath, XQuery


? XML schemas
Cryptography and digital signature: (desirable)
? Knowledge of electronic signature: signature processes, verification and sealing time formats PKCS7, XMLDSig, XAdES and CAdES
? Knowledge of various standards related to digital signature, above all, of XMLDSig / XAdES form standards

Development environments:

? Eclipse
? Oracle JDeveloper (desirable)
? NetBeans (desirable)


? Talend
? Kettle (desirable)


? MicroStrategy
? Oracle DataBase
? SQL Server
? SQLite

Web servers and applications:

? Apache
? Apache Tomcat
? JBoss
? WebSphere

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Project Management Office – PMO

Job description

En Tecsidel we need to incorporate to a skilled worker with solid experience as a PMO.

Skills & expertise desired

Training: Studies in engineering, preferably Industrial, telecommunications, Civil, computer. Postgraduate studies in project management. PMP or PRINCE2 certified.

Experience: More than 4-5 years since similar, in engineering companies.


Global responsibility of ongoing projects:

  • Planning, determination of scope, estimation and control of economic costs, control and monitoring of projects, identification and risk assessment, determination of plans of contingencies that might impact on the projects, close.

  • Establish the methodology appropriate for the management of projects. Definition of processes/procedures, documentation required in the management of projects (templates), tools...

  • Purchase or create a common project management process,

  • Ensure that staff understands it, apply it correctly and follows it normal and consistently.

  • Establish a support programme for project managers,

  • Ensure that communicates the status of the projects and that the information is reliable and timely so that senior management can take better and more agile decision-making.

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¿Quieres ser contratado por un cliente final que desarrolla sus propios productos de alto nivel de ingeniería?

Actualmente estamos buscando a un QA Lead con dos o tres años de experiencia  gestionando a un equipo mínimo de 3 personas.

La persona seleccionada se incorporará a un equipo de QA formado por 4 personas para testear varios productos vendidos a nivel internacional, y que repercuten a millones de personas.

Sus funciones son:
- Testear el código y funcionales.
- Pruebas de estrés, respuesta de tiempo, capacidad, etc.
- Documentación.


Se valorará exhaustivamente su motivación para crecer, inquietudes, y conocimientos tecnológicos.

Se ofrece un puesto dónde poder profundizar en sus conocimientos tecnológicos a través de la experiencia y formarse.


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