Visit us at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016

Just a few weeks more to go and the most important show in the traffic technology industry is taking place in Amsterdam! Intertraffic is the major platform for professionals from around the world to meet and get informed about the latest products and services of the world’s leading companies. Tecsidel with its more than 35 years of experience in development and integration of advances information systems is one of them. Visit our booth 11.415 the first week of April to get in touch with our specialists and find out more about how Tecsidel provides you with highly efficient engineering competence.

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Tecsidels classification system in Torghatten

By the end of 2015 Tecsidel was awarded for its first single gantry project in Torghatten (Norway), the Horten Moss ferry station. The project is managed by B&T Signaal and consists in a single gantry solution equipped with three lasers per lane that will make length based classification of the vehicles.

This single gantry solution involves a challenging classification system of up to 9 different types (length based) and with a margin of error of +/- 3 cm for the classification of vehicles. It is capable of working in stop and go conditions.

This innovative solution also knows exactly where the vehicle is and performs a complete tracking from the moment it enters the lane until it is fully classified. In addition, the classification system has self-learning mechanisms for the constant improvement in the performance. This is a breakthrough characteristic that as soon as the system has acquired some real data, will make it more precise and accurate.

This project also includes our developed Automatic Toll Payment Machine (ATPM). The fully automated, economically designed terminal allows various tasks like toll fee collection, entry ticket issuing and access point functions.

With this project, consisting of 2 plazas and 6 lanes, Tecsidel is settled even more in this niche market of toll and collection systems in Scandinavian countries.

New Tecsidel Free Flow system in Norway

Once again, Tecsidel has won a tender with quality, reliability and price in the northern country. NPRA has ordered 11 new charging points with 26 Free-Flow lanes, located all over Norway. Equipped with the latest technology, these systems are not only a benefit for the companies in regard of maintenance and operating costs, but also for the environment.There is no need for the vehicles to stop and go on-site.

The 4 toll projects will be installed on highways in the north, east and south Norwegian regions: E18 Knapstad – Retvet, E18 Riksgrensen-Orje (Ostfold), E18 Bommestad (Vesfold), E6 Helgeland sor (Nordland) and Fv. 17 Godoystraumen (Nordland).

The Free Flow tolling system is an automatic toll collection system for roads, highways and city access which does not affect the normal traffic flow of vehicles when cross the charging point. This is also a major benefit for the environment. Tecsidel has already successfully implemented these systems in various countries and cities, e.g. Sweden and Norway. Now, we offer one single gantry, equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and lasers, as requested by our customers, to reduce costs and maintenance. 

Tecsidels Toll Payment Machines in France

A new order from France took place by our long-standing customers APRR (Autoroutes Paris Rhin Rhône) and ATMB (Autoroutes et Tunnel du Mon-Blanc), for our state-of-the-art payment machines.

This flexible terminal is our very own product, equipped with engineering experience of more than 35 years. The fully automated, economically designed terminals allows various tasks like fee toll collection, entry ticket issuing and access point functions. All payment methods, cash or non-cash, are accepted. The system can be customized and adjusted with features according to our client request.

The new machines, all in all 13 units, will be set up within the first half of 2016 along various highways as A5 Paris – Langres or A71 Bourges – Clermont-Ferrand.