Tecsidel will implement the Toll System in ‘Corredor C’ and ‘Corredor A’ of Argentina

Tecsidel signs a project with the concessionaire Vial Andes 7 (https://www.vialandes7.com.ar/) for the supply, implementation and start-up of the Stop & Go Toll System and the Electronic Toll Collection System (ETC) for 21 lanes and 4 plazas of ‘Corredor C’ in Argentina. The mixed toll system will be installed in the plazas Villa Espil, Vicuña Mackenna, La Paz and Junín, which belong to the national route number 7.

Concesionaria Vial Cruz del Sur (http://cvcruzdelsur.com.ar/) will also count on Tecsidel experience for the implementation of the Stop & Go Tolling and ETC System for 500Km of ‘Corredor A’. The scope of the project will include 3 toll plazas: Hinojo, El Dorado and Tandil Vasconia, with 6, 6 and 4 lanes in each one.

In both projects, the system integrates three operational levels: lane, plaza and central system. The Tecsidel Back Office application allows collecting and processing all data of the toll plazas to obtain an absolute control of collection, possible fraud, reports and information exchange with other external systems.

‘Corredor C’ and ‘Corredor A’ are characterized by having a high level of congestion on their routes with a large percentage of heavy vehicles. For this reason, their respective concessionaires have started these projects in order to improve the quality of service and user safety. Furthermore, the technology installed in its collection plazas allows the payment with TelePASE TAG, accepted on the main highways of Argentina.

Including these projects, this year Tecsidel will cover a total of 5 important projects in the Argentine country.


Tecsidel is awarded two more projects in India


This project consists of the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of a combination of the Conventional and Electronic Toll Collection System of the NH1-Panipath  Jalandhar highway. Tecsidel will implement this mixed solution in 12 lanes and 1 plaza (Panipath) located in Haryana, and will use the RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) for the TAG detection and collection.

Roadis (http://www.roadis.com/en/) currently manages in India 710 kilometres of highways distributed into four projects: NH1, NH2, NH6 and NH8, which are granted by the National Highway Authority of India, NHAI.


Tecsidel signed this project to implement its solution for Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC) and traffic monitoring in Aaya Nagar plaza, Delhi. This software detects the height and width of vehicles that pass by and allows an automatic counting, classification without affecting the traffic flow, detecting heavy vehicle passing by unauthorized channel. Thus, the users will be able to significantly reduce their journey by a better organization of traffic flow.

Furthermore, an Automatic Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR) solution will be installed to identify all commercial vehicles with yellow plate model.

MEP Infrastructure Developers Ltd. (http://www.mepinfra.com) was founded in 2002 in Mumbai and has presence in 12 states in India.

Tecsidel plans to start these projects in June 2019.


Tecsidel signs a Toll System project for the ‘Corredor Sur’, Argentina

Tecsidel signs a Toll System project with AUSUR SA, which is the consortium of the concessionaires Mota Engil, Rovella Carranza and JCR. The project consists of the design, development and implementation of the Toll System for the Argentinian highways of the ‘Corredor Sur’: Teniente General Pablo Riccheri, Cañuelas, Ruta 3 and Ruta 205.

This is a public works license under the PPP modality (https://ppp.vialidad.gob.ar/), which carries out pioneer projects in Argentina that aim to modernize the highways network to guarantee the users’ safety. That is why they have considered Tecsidel’s experience in complex technological scenarios.

On this occasion, 4 trunk plazas will be installed under the name of Riccheri, Cañuelas, Tristán Suarez and Uribelarrea, and 5 auxiliary plazas in Riccheri. As for the lanes, there will be 3 types of systems: manual, automated channeled and mixed. Furthermore, the project includes a solution for electronic toll customers management.

It is important to mention that the Riccheri plaza will have a total of 40 lanes, since the Teniente General Pablo Riccheri highway usually has a high traffic because it links La Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires with the Ezeiza airport and the Buenos Aires province.

For this large-scale project, road works have been carried out in the first quarter of 2019 to improve the capacity and safety of ‘Corridor Vial’ users.