Tecsidel signs its third project of the year in Mexico

Tecsidel was awarded its third project of the year in Mexico by Tráfico y Transporte Sistemas (www.ttsistemas.com). The project consists on the supply, installation and start-up of level 1 (lane) of the electronic toll collection system of ‘Amozoc-Perote’ highway with 105,4 Km and ‘Libramiento de Perote’ with 17,6 Km.

This highway is an alternative route more efficient between Amozoc de Mota (Puebla) and Veracruz Harbour, which is the point of departure and arrival of goods in the commercial exchange with Europe. This port is also strategic for the development of ocean trade routes with North America.

The contract was signed in July 2017, in Mexico. The project comprises 44 lanes (mixed, mixed extra-large and reversible) and includes the modernization of the toll collection system in the whole highway section. The payment methods accepted will be cash and electronic toll collection. Furthermore, a non-intrusive vehicle classification system will be incorporated.

Another interesting point is that one of these plazas belongs to the Audi factory located in Puebla and it is an effective way to control the entry and exit of vehicles to the German company. The toll collection fee is totally free for employees.

At this moment the project is in the implementation phase.

Tecsidel starts its first MLFF Single Gantry project in Sweden

Tecsidel starts in December 2017 its first Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF) Single Gantry project in Sweden. This project awarded by Trafikverket (www.trafikverket.se), consists of the supply, implementation and start-up of the electronic toll collection system at Gothenburg Ring.

Unlike other MLFF solutions, based on two or three gantries, which Tecsidel had previously deployed in Portugal, Norway and Sweden, this solution includes DSRC OBU reader antennas, laser scanners for automatic vehicle classification, enforcement and automatic license plate recognition cameras, all on a single gantry. It incorporates, apart from a new scanning technique, new algorithms applied in the processing of the data obtained by its devices.

This solution performs those functions with the same time and reliability than with the multi-gantries configurations. Those functions are vehicle classification based on volumetric features, the ability to read the plate of each vehicle that circulates through the lanes covered by the gantry. Tecsidel implements this MLFF system with one unique Lane Controller that controls the multiple lanes.

Gothenburg Ring is composed by 7 plazas and 14 lanes and Tecsidel plans to end the project in 2018.

Tecsidel is awarded its first TCS project in USA

Tecsidel is awarded its first Toll Collection System (TCS) project in USA by Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority (www.ccrma.org). This project has started in November 2017 and consists of the supply, implementation and maintenance of the TCS for the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge, in Hidalgo County (Texas). The Pharr Reynosa International Bridge serves as the 6th largest port of entry in the USA and ranks #1 in the import of fresh fruits and vegetables for the third year in a row. This bridge continues to break import-export records by crossing an annual average of $30 billion in trade with Mexico and the world.

The installation comprises 1 plaza and 4 mixed lanes: Manual + Automatic Vehicle Identification, and the system integrates 2 levels: 

  • Level 1-Lane:

-          Detection, classification, control and recording of vehicle transits. Collection of toll fees.

-          Detection and recording of possible abnormalities on transits, and alerts to the Plaza and/or Central System.

  • Level 2 – Toll Plaza:

-          Data acquisition, surveillance and recording of the information generated by the Lane.

-          Control and monitoring of lane operability. Processing, analysis and reporting of anomalies.

The modular design of Tecsidel Toll + system ensures scalability and high flexibility enabling the use of different hardware providers without affecting the lane logic. Lane logic works in a higher level and with generic interfaces that allow adaptability and easy integration of new lanes and plazas.

The project also includes Tecsidel Maintenance Management System Plus (TMMS+) The main purpose of this computerised system is to obtain the maximum effectiveness in terms of time and logistics for maintenance actions performed by the maintenance ground staff. TMMS+ offers the ability to monitor vital system components and generate automatic alarms and events. These components include:

• Toll Systems Equipment: Lasers, Barriers, Antennas, Treadles, Loops, OCR, Automatic Payment Machines, control cabinets, etc.

• Hardware-Software applications: Memory usage, CPU, disk space availability, server performance, database efficiency, etc.

TMMS+ is 100% customizable, allowing configuration of all parameters and evolving according to the Concessionaires needs.

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Tecsidel signs a SEGA LITE project with Innovalogic

Innovalogic, logistics operator whose registered name is Innova Forwarding S.L, has chosen Tecsidel for the implementation of SEGA LITE in the distribution center located in Daganzo de Arriba (Madrid) which has 8,000m2. SEGA LITE is the optimal warehouse management system for manual warehouses in which a moderate number of operators work.

In this case, the Software As A Service (SAAS) option has been selected, and its system implementation will be performed in the Cloud. This is one of the main advantages of this solution. At every moment, the system will inform the operator of the options ordered by general criteria, offering the flexibility to choose one of them or indicate alternatives. Six users will have RF (Radio Frequency) terminals while warehouse and administration managers will use the PC as a tool.

Innovalogic is dedicated to national and international transport, distribution, storage and picking of products that often require a controlled temperature. The company has a delegation of Pallet (shipments of palletized goods) and Tipsa (integrated services of light urgent parcel, courier and documentation). Its purpose is to seek a service management optimization in the supply chain in a sustainable manner.

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SEGA WCS by Tecsidel in a project of Dematic

Responding to the request of Dematic Logistic Systems, S.A, Tecsidel is in charge of the SEGA WCS implementation project for the new Distribution Centre that the company Sprinter will launch in Las Atalayas, Alicante.

SEGA WCS (Warehouse Control System) allows coordinating the subsystems, which build an automatic installation by using its own native protocols: miniloads, automatic pallet warehouses, carousels, sorters, transport systems, loading or unloading, etc. This solution manages the sequence of movements and takes care of the optimizations, avoiding the need to conduct complex modifications in the ERP / WMS. It also provides design flexibility as the customer can build a solution by freely choosing the best elements of each supplier, thus allowing the optimization of costs and productivity.

In this case, SEGA WCS will control an automatic installation that consists of a miniload system of 9 corridors and an intelligent transport system for boxes, both made by Dematic. At the same time, its mission is to interface with a sorter. All this, achieving a complete integration with the client's WMS.

Tecsidel plans to complete the implementation in the first quarter of 2018, and a second phase includes the possibility of installing a multi-shuttle.

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