Tecsidel signs the Toll System Project for Palmillas – Apaseo El Grande highway in Mexico

Tecsidel and Actica have signed an agreement to start the Toll System Project for Palmillas - Apaseo El Grande highway in Mexico. Tecsidel will manage the supply and implementation of the toll system. The proposed solution comprises plazas and lanes with a toll system on three levels: lane, plaza and control center. The control center level includes:

• BackOffice

• Application for Validations Center

• Monitoring and Control System

For Palmillas - Apaseo El Grande highway Tecsidel will implement a mixed toll system that combines an open toll system with a closed toll system.

The closed toll system is designed to charge the user a proportional fee to the distance traveled.According to the current method, the user receives a physical ticket on the entry lane, which contains information about inbound traffic (station, date, time, etc.). The control ticket allows confirmation of the journey when the user delivers it in any of the possible highway exits, paying the corresponding fee amount depending on the kilometers that the user has traveled, with cash, bank card or TAG.

To determine the fee for a TAG device user, we will use the TAG reading of the entry point and the plate recognition by using OCR, with no need for a ticket. It is a flexible pricing system where each user pays the corresponding amount depending on the distance traveled, as well as from allowing control of all vehicles.


An open toll system approach will be made in certain stations on the highway trunk and in some access branches. This system is required to pay a fixed amount when the user passes by every control point, depending only on the type of vehicle and number of axes.

The vehicle classification will be done by laser scanner and photocell optical solutions that provide the following information with an accuracy of 99.9%:

  • Number of vehicles (count)

  • Maximum vehicle height

  • Vehicle width

  • Length and vehicle speed (calculated)

  • Start and end detection vehicle

The payment methods will be cash, credit or debit card and Multiprotocol TAG's from Mexico.

One of the reasons why Actica has chosen Tecsidel is due to its previous experience in Mexico and recent success cases in Panama, Peru, Guatemala and Argentina.

Tecsidel in IOTSWC (Internet Of Things Solutions Expo World Congress)

Tecsidel participate in the IoT Solutions Expo World Congress 2016 (http://www.iotsworldcongress.com/) to be held in Barcelona from 25 to 27 of October.

Besides continuing on firsthand the papers of the congress and to participate fully in the activities of this event, Tecsidel will attend, from space that will be available at the stand of the Government of Catalonia , to visitors interested in our proposal

"Tecsidel, Internet of Big Things” ,

in which urban and / or long-distance road infrastructure that support the automotive mobility are 'big things' where Tecsidel allocate its  IT solutions to implement Toll Systems and ITS.

Specifically, presentations of projects related to these solutions around the lines of this proposal will be performed.

Tecsidel in the middle of Dushanbe-Chanak Project in Tajikistan

Tecsidel and Innovation Road Solutions (IRS), the only concessionaire that exists in the Republic of Tajikistan, are working on the Dushanbe-Chanak highway, the road that connect the two main cities of Tajikistan. The project was awarded in 2015 and has a strategic goal, because this means an important improvement in commercial transport established within bordering countries. It is a challenging environment that requires a modernization of current toll systems, that is why IRS chose Tecsidel, an international company with the most state-of-the-art solutions.

The project consists of 7 plazas and 52 lanes. A conventional open toll system combines manual and automatic payment options; so, the vehicle can pay in cash, by credit or debit card, Smart Card (MIFARE) and TAGs. As well of these well-known payment methods, Tecsidel has integrated the solution with the National Payment System, a specific and very popular system used by Russia and some countries in Central Asia.

24 of these lanes also have the necessary equipment to automatically classify the vehicle depending on its number of axles and vehicle height.

However, the most innovative point in this installation is the Weigh In Motion system that is incorporated in the other 28 lanes. This automatic system allows to classify vehicles based on each axle and vehicle weight, and it is not required to stop. So, in the toll plaza the vehicle will pay the fee according to its weight. 

The project includes a maintenance management solution (TMMS+) to monitor and control maintenance operations, allowing all incidences to be tracked until they are solved. It also includes the Back-Office solution with the following goals:

  • Transactions, shifts and take

  • Conciliation settlement

  • Analyze all information registered in the reports

  • Take actions based on analysis results

  • Control the equipment of the system

Víctor Gil Casquete, the new CEO at Tecsidel

Barcelona, 5th October 2016 -Victor Gil Casquete, Toll Systems & ITS director at Tecsidel has been appointed by the Board of Directors to be the new CEO at Tecsidel. He will be in charge of the three Tecsidel divisions: Toll Systems & ITS, Logistics Systems and IT Solutions.

Victor Gil, who is 40 years old, with 15 years of experience in Tecsidel, has accepted the challenge that will mean a turning point in the history of the company. "Today we begin a new stage at Tecsidel, an important change to the modernization where some actions will be taken to achieve our goals. We want a leading company, with the ability to grow and expand internationally. A model company in the market; brave, innovative and ready for new challenges"- Victor Gil commented on his first day as CEO at Tecsidel.

Tecsidel was founded in 1979 in Barcelona, ??it has more than 300 employees in numerous branches: Barcelona, Madrid and Valladolid (Spain), São Paulo (Brazil), Cordoba (Argentina), Santiago (Chile), Mexico DF (Mexico), Oslo (Norway) and New Delhi (India).

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