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Nowadays there are hundreds of applications for specific functions, such as: VMS Management, Traffic Counters and Vehicle Classification, Call Boxes, Weather Stations, Over-Height Detection, Automatic Incident Detection, etc. But a single solution with different management systems incorporated is needed to provide a unified control. We are talking about simplifying operations logistics and maintenance for Control Centers Operations, this means a flexible and turnkey open system.

According to surveys carried out by Tecsidel, the main complaints when concessionaires add new peripherics are that they have to wait a long time for integration, and most applications only have remote access from workstations. The I+D department realized that most systems are composed of heterogeneous applications, but these ones coexist separately and offer different features. Therefore, Tecsidel decided to unify all these applications and created the new Tecsidel ITS+.

This distinctive system provides different devices management and allows an easy integration. The correct translation in terms of economy is a huge saving in qualified personnel, because this smart fully integrated ITS notably minimizes software developments.

Tecsidel ITS+ is an innovative release in ITS technology that breaks away from limited inteligent traffic management systems. The novel touch of this solution is that its flexibility is multi-level, it can unify different Tecsidel ITS+ solutions, such as: highways, tunnels and bridges without wasting time in integration development. It can integrate unlimited ITS+, working in multi-protocol and multi-language modes, and offers high scalability; and that is very in-demand by concessionaires. For instance, thanks to Tecsidel ITS+ they can handle the whole life cycle of an incident in a single platform of a Control Center, no matter where the incident is located. ITS+ would alert the Control Center operators and send an issue with all the information registered by the devices, and an action plan would be automatically generated.

Tecsidel ITS+ allows remote access from smartphone or tablet devices, due to user-friendly interfaces, HTML5 and Javascript Web, which compatibility with any browser (desktop or mobile). This state-of-the-art solution is being continuously enhanced and updated.

Tecsidel has provided numerous success cases on highways in South America and Asia. Upcoming ITS+ projects will take place in Peru and Italy.

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Tecsidel begins the extension of 2 plazas and 25 lanes in Rutas de Lima (Peru)

Tecsidel has begun the installation of 2 plazas and 25 additional lanes in Rutas de Lima project (Peru). The supply and installation of the toll system will be located in North direction of Chillon’s highway integrating all lanes with the existing ones of South direction of Chillon, although these will be handled as two separate plazas due to the large volume of traffic.

This expansion project also includes Huaylas Plaza, which currently has temporary lanes, also installed by Tecsidel in the original project. Chillon Plaza will be operational in January 2017 to serve the peak in traffic due to summer vacations. However, Huaylas Plaza is expected to be operational in mid-2017. To summarize, there will be a total of 11 plazas and over 80 lanes.

The new lanes use the most advanced technology installed by Tecsidel, as in the other plazas (mixed and automatic), the reversible ones. It is necessary to mention that Tecsidel is piloting new photocell designs for detection and vehicle classification, which will be used soon to serve different customers.

These plazas will be integrated into the Tecsidel Toll Plus system, established worldwide and currently used in Rutas de Lima, and MEP electronic payment  method). This customer has pioneered the implementation of MEP, a new system that allows the management of electronic payment devices (tags) associated with user accounts. This system has been designed to provide electronic payment services interoperating with different concessionaires with one device and balance.

Tecsidel, exhibitor at Logistics 2016

Tecsidel Logistics Systems was exhibitor at Logistics 2016, the exhibition that showed the trends in material handling, distribution, e-logistics and systems. This expected event took place at Pavilion 9 of Feria de Madrid (IFEMA), on 23th and 24th of November. 

Logistics is one of the most exclusive places to search for the highest-level products and innovations in the logistics market. In 2015, more than 8.200 professionals assisted to the exhibition. The meeting gathered the main actors in the industry, and Tecsidel Logistics Systems could not miss it.

Logistics 2016 had four conference rooms with a complete program during these days. Tackling the key business challenges and issues facing maintenance, logistics and distribution professionals, the Logistic Congress, gave visitors the unique opportunity to hear from leading industry experts.

Tecsidel took this opportunity to introduce its news: SEGA SIM and SEGA VTE, simulation systems for logistics processes whose goal is to validate the computer and physical design of a possible future logistics installation, thanks to its virtual testing. This tool has become essential for making decisions, since it avoids unnecessary investments that do not contribute to productivity.