Tecsidel and Solport launch SEGA DPO and SP DEPOT for container depots management

The technological alliance between Tecsidel and Solport launch SEGA DPO and SP DEPOT for deposits and container terminals. This fully integrated modular system allows to manage all container depots processes with fixed PC stations and Android portable terminals.

SP DEPOT and SEGA DPO take into consideration the complete cycle of operations in the yard, starting from the doors operation (Gate IN / OUT) with solutions of access control and automatic registration of trucks and containers plates, continuing with physical operations execution in the yard, container inspections (box and machine) through mobile terminals, planning and execution of operations in the yard, and ending with management processes with customers and shipping lines (bookings, repair budgets, special services, billing, EDI messaging, etc.) .

Thanks to the recent alliance of Tecsidel and Solport, its solutions portfolio allows to offer integrated modular systems for shipping agents, freight forwarders, logistics warehouses, container depots, transport companies and importers and exporters.

Tecsidel organizes the first workshop on simulation in Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile

Tecsidel Logistics Systems has introduced in 2016 its main news: SEGA SIM and SEGA VTE, simulation systems of logistics processes that validate the computer and physical design of future logistics installations.

In aim to promote these innovative solutions in South-American market, Tecsidel organizes two seminars in October, the first one in Buenos Aires and the second one in Santiago de Chile. People who are interested in these seminars should request assistance via e-mail (sistemas-logisticos@tecsidel.com), because seating is limited.

The seminar will show the tools through a real example, the success case that AVSA (Avícola Villalobos) has run in Guatemala. Assistants will be able to see tests with different orders scenarios, restrictions and sequencing that were made to validate the layout.

SEGA SIM delivers detailed results to make design adjustments, with the full assurance that it will be executed according to expectations. SEGA VTE provides a virtual environment that allows you to test all logic and interface management system operations with virtual resources, operators and facilities.

It is a processes simulator fully focused on the project reality, essential to avoid excessive investments or investments whose resources changes are complicated and expensive.