ISO/IEC 15504 certification in Tecsidel

In Tecsidel we strive to have a work methodology that ensures quality not only in the products we develop but also in the processes that define them.

ISO / IEC 15504, also known as SPICE (Software Process Improvement Capability Determination) is an international standard for evaluating software processes ensuring the improvement and evaluation of the processes of development and maintenance of systems and software products.

This standard applies to ensure the engineering processes, management, customer-supplier relationship, organization and support. It is also fully compatible with and equivalent to CMMI.

This fruit of our efforts have gained the assessment according to ISO / IEC 15504 standard for all our workplaces in Spanish territory.


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Volunteer coaching with the Exit Foundation

We are pleased to announce that TECSIDEL will launch a volunteer project in the center of Barcelona, as an activity framed within the field of corporate social responsibility of the company.

We proceed to work with the Exit Foundation in its coaching project whose aim is to help young people stay in school, providing an insight into the workings of the company and training and vocational guidance.

During the project, the chosen young will visit the company and get to know the various departments. Later a personally meet people from  the departments that most interest him/her where TECSIDEL collaborator will explain their training, experience and personal skills that have allowed him to get that position.

More details of the Foundation:

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