Agreement with AB Technology Singapore

Tecsidel is proud to announce the appointment of AB Technology Singapore as its partner for turnkey solutions in Indonesia, Vietnam, East Timor, the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Tecsidel strategy to become stronger also in Asian Countries with this new agreement, to the highly market and developed economies of  this region.These nations and areas are notable for maintaining exceptionally high growth rates.

Economic growth in Asia is set to bring new opportunities to the businesses, particularly as the region integrates further and international companies expand into this part of the world.

Due to the high traffic volume, the most advance technology is required in these countries. Tecsidel will provide expertise implementing  the Toll system integration at the most high standard levels, as the ones integrated in the other continents.

New ETC solution in India

To facilitate a seamless movement of traffic across all toll roads in India, IHMCL (owned by the National Highway Authority of India - NHAI) has started a nation-wide program of Electronic Toll Collection. This program, based on RFID technology, aims to implement, unify and interoperate the ETC solution for National Highways in India.

Concerning the NHAI guidelines and compliances, Tecsidel has proposed an independent solution for the ETC only lanes, namely:

• ETC only lanes that include vehicle detection through recognition of the RFID tag status, which guides the vehicle through specific ETC lane exits. If the tag is not recognized or detected by the system, the vehicle is guided lane where the vehicle fee has to be paid in cash.

• Integration with the Central Clearing House (CCH) includes the sharing of ETC transactions from the Tecsidel system to Central Clearing House (CCH) and vice versa.