Intense involvement in the integration between OSSs of ONO and VODAFONE

In the scope of Monitoring and Operation Support Systems, since the last quarter of 2014, Tecsidel is working intensively with ONO / VODAFONE in the integration between network management systems and network elements of both companies.

The main focus of this collaboration is placed on Assurance Systems, like RA (Failure Management System) and THOT (Management Diagnosis) of infrastructure and services related to  WiFi, ADSL, DOCSIS and FTTH of ONO and VODAFONE access networks .

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Between 2011 and 2014 in Tecsidel we have invested 3.3million euros in R+D+i to strengthen ours products and services:

  •  To tolls and ITS (Intelligent Traffic Systems) we focused on System tolls on the fly, Video Systems, machines automatic toll payment (ATPM for its acronym in English) and  automatic vehicle classification systems (AVC ).

  •  Within the ICT (Information and Communication Tecnologies) we dump Systems e-Admin, e-Archivo or ETSIM (Enterprise Telecommunications Services and Infrastructure Monitoring)

  • And in the logistics field, we have invested in the continuous development of SEGA technology, dedicated to warehouse management and logistics to get more types of customers.

Our assumption for 2015 is to continue improving the technology developed in the recent years, increasing capacity production, with the goal of stabilizing the developed active in promoting international expansion.

To achieve our goals, Tecsidel S.A.  will be funded by ENISA (Ministry of Industry, Energy and Turism) to support the efforts that we made in the maintenance and development of our competitive advantages and internationalization.

Following assessment of our growth in recent years in the field of toll systems and ITS, the funding obtained by ENISA (Ministry of Industry, Energy and Turism, shall focus in this branch of business. This growth has been largely due to the expansion in South America and northern Europe, where the flight toll solutions have been very successful. Therefore, we will improve our products and solutions to maintain its technological advantage over its competitors.

Another key element of our growth is international expansion. Markets will be analyzed to address the most attractive considering various factors such as investment in infrastructure, technology lace Tecsidel with developed projects and entry barriers, later to perform the tasks of business development as contact with Public and private Agencies for infrastructure and the creation or expansion of specific sales teams for each country.

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Controller management Argentina

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a Senior Project Controller profile. 5 years experience in marked technological level (Internet) projects is necessary.

The functions that this person will perform are:

-Monitoring of the planning.

-Economic management.

-Management of the cost centres.

-Management of the hours of the project.

-Coordination between the different departments.

We need a proactive, motivated, and with management skills person. Team work and customer orientation skills will be a plus.

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Technical systems. Public administration

What are we looking for?

We are looking for someone with a profile of technical systems, for a project for public administration, having knowledge of:

· Implementation of systems: Web servers, Internet... using the WS-Security standard.
· Web server: Internet Information Server, Apache...
· Load balancing. Clusters.
· Workflows: Microsoft Workflow Foundation, Sharepoint, Documentum...

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QA public administration

What are we looking for?

We are currently seeking a technician of tests for a project of the public administration. Its functions will include:

  • Responsible for the realization of the plans that cover all functions and possible cases cases and situations.

  • Comprehensive cases of error search.

  • Support in the implementation of the (mock) –in layers for similar implementation and the development of tests.

  • Responsible for testing integrated with external stakeholders.

  • Responsible that the developed system exceeds successfully test plan, ensuring the proper functioning of the system.

We need someone with at least 3 years experience as technical testing in applications and which to unfold in a Microsoft environment and .NET


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Programmer. NET, C#

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a programmer expert in C#, ASP.Net, VB.Net, and JAVA. Its functions will be

  • Application programming environment industrial (production and logistics)

  • Unit test programs

  • Participation in testing system

  • Participation in the resolution of incidents during the start-up of the program

  • Perform documentation

  • Possibility of realization of guards/availabilities

Minimum requirements

· Top (or technical) engineering in computer science or Industrial
· Expert knowledge of programming C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, JAVA
· Expert knowledge of programming of SQL Server databases
· Preferable to driving licence and own car for use in the event of short trips

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Front-end Developer

¿Qué estamos buscando?

La persona seleccionada trabajará en un equipo multidisciplinar y distribuido entre Barcelona, Madrid y Londres. Colaborará con otras compañías y start-ups.

Los requisitos que necesitamos son:

  •  Desarrollo FrontEnd: html5/css3 y buen conocimiento de Javascript

  •  Experiencia Diseño Visual es un plus

  •  Dominio de Inglés

  •  Experiencia por lo Menos de 2 años en:

    • Html5

    • Css3

    • Javascript


Ayudar a las compañías a atraer clientes y entender el comportamiento de éstos en las tiendas. El análisis de los datos permite realizar decisiones de operaciones, marketing, etc. basadas en datos reales y no sólo en los resultados que ellos ven. Consiste en ofrecer un perfil representativo de los compradores de las tiendas

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Video Operation Senior Mediaroom

¿Qué estamos buscando?

Conocimientos técnicos:

  • Experto en plataforma Mediaroom y tecnologías de codificación

  • Experto en entornos Microsoft (Windows Server, SQL Server,IIS, ..)

  • Conocimientos en sistemas  Solaris, Linux (Redhat,Debian),  Apache, Tomcat, LDAP, DNS, AD.

  • Conocimientos en BBDD (Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, Mongo)

  • Conocimientos en entornos de red (Firewalls, Load Balancer, Routers…)

  • Conocimientos en entornos de almacenamiento (EMC, …) y de virtualizacion (VMWare e HyperV)

  • Conocimiento de herramientas de apoyo a la operación (analizadores de tráfico, VLC, etc.)

  • Conocimientos de CDN

  • Se valorará el conocimiento de Jira y otras herramientas de gestión de proyectos

  • Se valorará el conocimiento de UDO 


  • Al menos 6 años de experiencia en supervisión y gestión de plataformas y entornos de servicios de vídeo

  • Al menos 6 años de experiencia en supervisión y gestión de sistemas Windows (Server, SQL, IIS, …)

  • Al menos 2 años de experiencia en supervisión y gestión de BBDD (Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, Mongo)

  • Al menos 2 años de experiencia en supervisión y gestión de entornos de red (Firewalls, Load Balancer, Routers…)

  • Al menos 2 años de experiencia en entornos de almacenamiento (EMC, …) y de virtualizacion (VMWare e HyperV)

  • Al menos 6 años en trato con proveedores del entorno de vídeo 


  • Cisco CCNA, Microsoft


  • Visión global, capacidad para resolver problemas complejos y entender todas las facetas de un caso

  • Buena capacidad de comunicación, experiencia en relación con equipos de Latinoamérica

  • Disponibilidad para viajar

  • Iniciativa

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Software Quality Engineer

¿Qué estamos buscando?

El candidato ideal deberá tener al menos dos años de experiencia de testing y algo de experiencia práctica sobre Aplicaciones Testing Mobile en iPhone/iPad y dispositivos Android.

Tiene que ser capaz de conocer las especificaciones funcionales y experiencia de usuario, así como garantizar que se cumplen de manera homogénea en todas las aplicaciones. Tanto conocimientos de programación como experiencia en JAVA o similar, se requerirán conocimientos en lenguajes de script, como Groovy o Python.

Será una ventaja tener conocimiento de algunas herramientas de automatización de pruebas de aplicaciones móviles para IPhone (IU-Automation integrado en XCode) y Android (Robotium) y el protocolo SIP; y también conocimiento de cualquiera de las siguientes herramientas: JIRA o similar (cualquier herramienta de gestión de pruebas), Jenkins, JMeter.

Es deseable experiencia trabajando con metodologías Agile/Scrum.

El candidato debe estar motivado, deber ser autónomo y con capacidad para trabajar en grupo. Debe tener pasión por la calidad, la atención a los detalles, y capacidad de comunicación (oral y escrita).

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