Visit us at EXPO Logistics-K 2014 in Buenos Aires

We are pleased to invite you to visit our stand at the Expo Logisti-K 2014 the Logisticas International Fair of Argentina, which is one of the most important events in Latin America in innovation and new technologies in the world of logistics.

Expo Logisti-K Expo will take place between 12 and 14 August at La Rural in the autonomous city of Buenos Aires - Argentina.

We await you in our stand 1340, where you will view the latest developments in systems for warehouse management and inventory optimization.

You can see and participate in live demonstrations of our technologies pick to light (PTL) and pick to voice (PTV), as well as our AGV, authomatic guided vehicles, for the movement of goods, and its integration with our logistics management systems SEGA .

As a novelty we present our solutions for demand planning and optimization of inventory and supplies, with which you can achieve a significant reduction in stock levels, ensuring and improving your level of service, through powerful tools SO99 + form our partner ToolsGroup.



Tecsidel engaged in the Trans-Maghreb Motorway Axis project

Tecsidel jointly with other 20 institutions and companies took part in the conference hold last May in Barcelona whose main objective was to implement a strategic plan regarding the management of the Trans-Maghreb Motorway axis project.

Firms from around the Mediterranean area participated in this seminar, from representatives of bank international institutions to service concession companies. All the corporations will collaborate in this challenging project which will lead to a positive impact in terms of commercial, logistics and infrastructure. Tecsidel is one of the ground participants in this project where several suggestions were discussed in order to define a proper start and plan.


Networking session in India

Tecsidel organized a participatory session in the Eros Hotel in the nearby of our Indian subsidiary office.  During this conference the commercial team, the manager of that branch and the managers from the Headquarters analyzed all the projects on the board and the Indian undertaking works hold by other agents in the Region. The locals who participated showed a big interest in the future projections that were discussed.

The successful event resulted with the foreseeing of several opportunities and many new partners to be considered in the future.