Warehousing and distribution centers (SEGA WMS)

We present our SEGA WMS product for the management of warehouses and distribution centers. It is a system of high-performance, that manages all operations, ensuring compliance with all the rules of business, regardless of the operator. It is trained to support the latest technologies of identification, data capture in real time and automation to ensure the accuracy of the stock, the optimal use of resources and accurate information and traceability of all transactions and movements of managed products.

The Board's monitoring of the activity of the store in real time helps to make the timely decisions to offer customers an excellent service warm, with optimal use of operational resources.

SEGA WMS offers the possibility of connection by external users through a simple web interface to register requests for input or output, check stocks, or status of the requested services.

{slider-main Features:|closed}

  • Multi-store, mutiowner, multilanguage.

  • Cross-platform computer.

  • Functional coverage extended to all warehouse operations.

  • Targeted management of operations.

  • Location for storage, extraction, replacement strategies based on rules and parameterizations.

  • Strategies of allocation rules and settings-based operations.

  • Role-based permissions management.

  • Centralized monitoring of operations.

  • Web access to information and the entry of certain orders.

  • Optimal use of statistical data.

  • It can be integrated to systems of automatic movement (conveyors, AGV, LGV,...)

{slider Fields of application:|closed}   

  • Storage of raw and semi-finished materials.

  • Finished product warehouses.

  • Crossdocking platforms.


{slider-main Functions:|closed}   

  • Reception.

  • Inspection and quality control.

  • Storage

  • Capacity analysis and release of orders.

  • Crossdocking

  • Picking

  • Management of waves of preparation.

  • Consolidation of shipments.

  • Replacement.

  • Locations management.

  • Monitor operations.

  • Storage and removal strategies.

{slider Extended functions: |closed}   

  • Management of courtyards.

  • Slotting

  • Billing services.

  • Spring planning.

  • Value-added services.

  • Statistical data mining.

  • Web interface

{slider Operation modes}   

  • Radio frequency

  • Voice

  • Lights

  • RFID

  • Automation.



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Test and certification service

We provide independent testing of systems services or outsourcing (Outsourcing) of the system and certification tests. Its function is to test applications developed by third parties to certify its proper functioning or report deficiencies or problems for subsequent correction.

As a guarantee, our Test Factory focuses its activities on the management and quality assurance in all developments and services performed under institutionalized procedures.

Test Kit is an investment that saves costs.

The Test and certification service includes the following tasks:

  • Audit of systems and processes.

  • Definition, management and execution of tests.

  • Systems.

  • Integration.

  • Acceptance and certification.

  • Exploitation.

  • Installation, support and monitoring

  • Documentation and reports.

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Custom development

A large volume of work of Tecsidel consists in the development of custom software projects and starting from scratch. We offer our services to companies with medium or large budgets for it services.

If the market does not have a suitable solution for the customer's requirements, we propose to make a custom development. This service is more flexible for the customer and allows you to meet all the requirements. We introduce innovation, incorporate the necessary modules open source to reduce costs and develop additional software. We bring our experience of projects (more than 500) of multiple sectors and dimensions. Our solutions are flexible, reliable, easy deployment, maintenance, and evolution. We integrate our applications with other already installed on our customers. We guarantee the quality of the final product.

Tecsidel engineers have extensive experience in application to measurement and web portals development highlighting the following markets:

  • Public administrations (projects in city councils, autonomous communities,...).

  • Extranets/Intranets for private companies.

  • Business process portals for telecommunications operators

  • Services portals for universities.

New applications to the client:

  • Efficient production of software.

  • Modern technologies.

  • Functional analysis-oriented processes with customer approval. Previous pilot to verify customer's expectations.

  • Modules open source for cost reduction

  • Development with defined phases:

    • Definition of specifications and requirements.

    • Development / implementation

    • Test

Tecsidel has the most experience and technical capacity (technologies, types of applications or industries) to carry out projects in the same areas where they develop their services and vertical solutions:

  • Public administrations.

  • Large operators of telecommunication networks

Functionalities and integration:

  • Management of records and procedures Admin. and file management.

  • Of workflow and content management (CMS).

  • E-documentacion management.

  • Web services, Web 2.0.

  • Online payment gateway

  • Multi-device Nav-Phone-PDA.

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{slider inter-administrative collaboration and exchange of data (M2M) |closed}

  • Systems and protocols for the exchange of data between administrations and third organizations with total legal certainty and technical security

  • We cover legal and legal aspects and technical aspects


{slider eLearning and HR 2. 0|closed}

  • New internet-based training models

  • Training of users on new systems or methodologies through online courses

  • Creation and management of internal organizations collaborative spaces

  • Knowledge management


{slider Movilidad|closed}

  • Mobility solutions

  • Programming on iOS and Android environments


{slider development and maintenance of aplicaciones|closed}

  • Specialising in agile methodologies, allowing up to 30% cost savings


{slider programming languages and Desarrollo|closed}

  • C, C++, Visual C

  • Visual Basic, C#, ASP.Net

  • Java: J2SE, J2EE

  • Struts, Hibernate, JSP


  • AJAX, Javascript, Flash

  • PHP, LAMP, Perl, Python

  • PowerBuilder


{slider Bases of Datos|closed}

  • Oracle

  • DB2

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • MySQL

  • OLAP

  • Informix

  • Postgress

  • PL/SQL Forms

  • Business Object

  • Access


{slider Management services, networks and infrastructures TIC|closed}

  • Provision

  • Activation

  • Assurance

  • Billing


{slider Products IBM|closed}

  • Netcool Omnibus & Impact

  • Network Manager (ITNM)

  • Performance Manager (Proviso)

  • Business Manager (TBSM)

  • Configuration Manager (Intelliden)

  • Tivoli Monitoring (ITM)

  • EndPoind Manager (BigFix)

  • Maximum Asset Management

  • Rational AppScan


{slider Other manufacturers and solutions OpenSource|closed}

  • COMARCH solutions






{slider Project management and metodologias|closed}

  • ITIL

  • CMMI



  • MARS


  • PMI

  • RUP - UML


{slider Administration electronica|closed}

  • Electronic signature and security

  • Document management of file

  • Procedimienos and electronic records management

  • Legal and legal knowledge multidisciplinary team

  • Consulting in administrative procedure

  • Citizen service

  • New channels of citizen attention

  • Use of social networks in relation to citizens

  • Identity management


{slider Digitization, document management, and archivo|closed}

  • Digitization of paper documentation

  • Extensive functional and technological experience in document management and archive

  • Proficient with standard OpenSource Alfresco


{slider Border legislation, regulations and technolgy management|closed}

  • Domain of the legislation

  • Interpretation of standards

  • Implementation of standards

  • Sounding consulting


{slider BI systems, EAI and BPM|closed}

  • Extensive experience and expertise in the BI system open source Pentaho

  • Integration of sistemas-tecnologias, security, standards and products

  • Procesos-tecnologias, products, standards and safety management

  • BI tools: Business Objects, Cognos, Crystal Reports


{slider systems and service. Applications Web|closed}

  • Windows

  • Linux

  • IBM host

  • Sun Solaris

  • AIX

  • Apache

  • Tomcat

  • WebSphere

  • Oracle IAS


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Outsourcing IT

Cada día son más los clientes que recurren al servicio de soporte, mantenimiento y desarrollo de Tecsidel, ya sea sobre aplicaciones y plataformas a medida previamente desarrolladas por Tecsidel como sobre proyectos ya establecidos en la compañía cliente y provenientes de otros proveedores.

La implicación por parte del equipo experto en MDA se planifica en el tiempo a partir de puntos de función o de horas de desarrollo y puede comprender:

  • Mantenimiento evolutivo, adaptativo y correctivo.

  • Soporte técnico.

  • Acciones pro-activas de mantenimiento.

Se trata de una colaboración del tipo "paquete de servicio", que requiere un importante grado de madurez en el cliente, ya que:

  • Es un acuerdo de relación donde cliente y proveedor COMPARTEN un modelo de referencia:

    • El cliente externaliza todo (o parte) del ciclo de vida del servicio o aplicación.

    • El proveedor asume la responsabilidad de realizar esas partes.

  • Se establece un Acuerdo Marco que define:

    • Los objetivos y el modelo de Gobierno.

    • Niveles de acuerdo de servicios y penalizaciones.

    • Precio por unidades de trabajo , Líneas Base, Volúmenes, etc.

    • El MDA está basado en estándares de desarrollo y explotación de TI: ITIL para el conjunto del proceso, CMMi para la producción del SW.

Éstos son algunos de los beneficios que se obtienen al externalizar el mantenimiento y desarrollo de las aplicaciones a Tecsidel:

  • Permite al Cliente centrarse en su Core Business: Delegar en un socio tecnológico permite emplear mejor los recursos propios.

  • Se consiguen incrementos de productividad significativos y sostenibles.

  • Se logra una mayor reducción de costes:

    • Reducir costes de ineficiencia (entre 15 y 30%).

    • Control del gasto. Flexibilización.

  • Mejora la calidad del servicio:

    • Se formalizan procesos y ámbitos de responsabilidad.

    • Se establecen indicadores y niveles de servicio.

    • Penalizaciones.

    • Adaptación a la carga de trabajo. Time to Market.

    • Ciclos de producción cortos y adecuados a las necesidades.

    • Mejora del tiempo de puesta en producción de los sistemas TI.

  • Se optimiza la innovación:

    • Aprendizaje constante de las mejores prácticas.

    • Acceso a lo último en tecnología a través del personal especializado.

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Office of certification (OC)

We offer our solution's Office of Certification (OC) based on evidence of system groups. Through it, we are able to certify the quality of software products to be installed. Applications and computer systems development by the client or a third party necessarily entails a process of checking compliance with functional, integration and performance in the final installation. To do this, we provide our services of certification by quality assurance group.

We have specific groups of technical systems for the test run, applying pragmatic methodologies and to enhance the robustness of the systems search, subjecting them to the defined test batteries in each phase of the project.

We categorize them into the following types:

{slider Functional tests |closed}

They will include the activities of certification which aim to prove that the system complies with the specific functions for which it was created. It includes functional testing to change major or minor version, testing, regression, etc.

{slider Technical tests}

It includes tests for static code analysis, code coverage, test load, stability, controls, security, etc.

{slider Certification documentation}

They include the review of documentation requirements, architecture, functional, manuals of operation, plan deployment, installation, etc.



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Software and Test Factory

We have a centre installed in the Parque Tecnológico de Boecillo since 1999 with our Software and Test factories. The Centre comprises the evaluation of CMMi Level 2 since 2008 as a model for the improvement of the software development.

From our Software Factory we focus on product and software development, design and programming, including remote support. Its function provides a degree of maturity in the development of global software company that allows you to exponentially increase the efficiency for results of the highest quality, with less development time and lower cost.

In the Test Factory we focus on guaranteeing the quality of the produced software projects (Quality Assurance - QA). This service allows access to internal and external customers at very low cost, to a systematic quality control and process for the product. Success is based on testing environment, manual and automatic tools and specialized and experienced professional staff with repetitive methodology.

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Nuestra oficina de Tecsidel México se encuentra en la Ciudad de México, uno de los mayores centros de negocios de toda América Latina.

Contamos con referencias de primer nivel en diversos sectores, en los que ocupa una posición líder en el mercado LATAM. Soluciones para Sistemas de peaje e ITS dirigidas al sector de infraestructura, adaptadas al mercado local.



Paseo de la Reforma, 107, interior 601 - Col. Tabacalera Del. Cuauhtémoc
CEP 06030

Telf: (52) 1 55 5535 1397

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La oficina de Tecsidel India está situada dentro de Paras Downtown en Gurgaon, enclave tecnológico de la ciudad.

Contamos con referencias de primer nivel en la aplicación de soluciones tecnológicas para la NHAI (National Highways Authority of India) en el sector de la infrastructura.

Disponemos de importantes referencias basadas en Sistemas de peaje e ITS adaptadas al mercado local. En este contexto tenemos presencia en diferentes estados del país como Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, etc.



Gurgaon, India

B-18, Ground Floor

Sector - 32

Gurgaon 122001, Haryana

Telf.: 0124 4039280


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Tecsidel Chile se encuentra en el distrito de Providencia de la ciudad de Santiago de Chile, uno de los mayores referentes de centros de negocios de toda América Latina.

Disponemos de referencias de primer nivel en diversos sectores, especialmente en soluciones y productos basados en Sistemas logísticos: operadores logísticos, supermercados, alimentación y retails-stores.

Además, contamos con importantes casos de éxito centrados en Sistemas de peaje e ITS de varios niveles habiendo implantado la solución Tecsidel Toll Plus en varias concesionarias.



Fidel Oteíza 1941 Oficina 802
7500522 Providencia - Santiago de Chile - Chile

Telf: (56) 2 2595 19 37

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La oficina de Tecsidel Argentina se encuentra en el barrio de Las Rosas de la ciudad argentina de Córdoba, la segunda provincia más grande del país.

Dentro de las soluciones de Sistemas logísticos, contamos con referencias de primer nivel en diversos sectores, tales como supermercados, retail de electrodomésticos, salud y cuidado personal, y alimentación, alcanzando gran liderazgo en alguno de ellos.
Desde Tecsidel Argentina aportamos valor a las autopistas urbanas gracias a las soluciones de Sistemas de peaje e ITS dentro de nuestra oferta comercial.



Rufino Cuervo Nº 1085 - Las Rosas
X5009GAA Córdoba – Argentina

Telf/Fax: (54) 351 4886622
Cel: (54) 9 351 5328249

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