Founded in 2010,Tecsidel Norway is in Oslo city. Since 2005, Tecsidel manages a large number of powerfulprojects based Free Flow technology of our Tolls and ITS offer dominating currently 50% of the Norwegian market.

In addition to the quality of the technical solution, we have earned the trust of our customers due to the installations carried out under extreme environmental conditions. We have important references within the 24x7 support thanks to a specialized toll systems and ITS technical teamensuring the monitoring and control of the facilities and the correct functionality of the system.


Torggata 10. 2-etasje.
0181 Oslo (Norway)

Phone: (+ 47) 23 31 59 90

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Spain is the foundation and headquarters country of Tecsidel. It has first-rate references in various sectors, some of which with a leading position in the local market. In this country, we develop activities that cover the complete set of solutions, products and services of the company:

  • Products and solutions for the Toll and ITS targeting the infrastructure sector, adapted to the local market.

  • For the Industrial sector, consulting for warehouse management, transportation and logistics solutions.

  • Solutions for the management of networks, infrastructure and telecommunication services.

  • Management solutions for the digitalization of administrative processes.

  • For various sectors services for application testing and development.


Tecsidel has three centres in Spain:


Castanyer, 29
08022 Barcelona

Phone: (34) - 93-292 21 10
Fax: (34) - 93-292 28 28


Av. de la Albufera, 153, floor 4
28038 Madrid

Phone: (34) - 91-353 08 10
Fax: (34) - 91-353 08 81


Building Tecsidel - Parque Tecnol├│gico de Boecillo
47151 Valladolid

Phone: (34) - 983-54 66 03
Fax: (34) - 983-54 66 04

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