Tecsidel Brazil is located on Fagundes Filho avenue in the city of São Paulo, the biggest Latin America Business Centre. It has first level references in all the business lines, which make it an active participant at the global level and leader in the local market.

  • Line of Toll and ITS systems: Toll and ITS solutions adapted to the local market. Tecsidel Brazil is a leader in the market with 13 concessionaires (71 stations and 710 tracks).

  • Line of Logistics systems: management consulting solutions, transport and warehouse logistics solutions. Highlighted activities in bottling of beverages and pharmaceutical sectors.

  • Line of IT solutions: solutions for monitoring and support for IT infrastructures operations, management of networks, infrastructure and ICT services. References of success for major companies such as Telefónica or Vivo.


Av. Fagundes Filho, 141 - 3º andar

Vila Monte Alegre, São Paulo

Telf: (55)-11 3777 6000

Fax: (55)-11 2729 7288


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Are you passionate about Information Technologies? Do you consider yourself a person with initiative? Do you like to work in a team? If you answered YES to these questions, we want to meet you and tell you all what we can offer you.

We'll bet for your career, forming you in processes and innovative technologies and, above all, you will have time for your personal life, with measures such as telecommuting, a great flexible schedule, short workdays... and, if you like to travel and grow yourself internationally, this is your place!.

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Key numbers

Historical solvency

years of life

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International presence

offices in 7 countries.
Customers in more than 25!

cifras presencia

Tecsidel team

with more than

employees around the world

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Toll systems & ITS

More than

lanes installed using all existing technologies

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Logistics systems

More than

warehouses and distribution centers managed with Tecsidel´s solutions

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Service to

Spanish citizens through applications on all levels of the Administration

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Global IT services

More than

annual ICT projects for 40 customers of Telecom and Media industries

cifras telecom

An expanding market


of current turnover

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How we think

Our main asset is the specialized technological and functional know-how. The integration of off-the-shelf products with their own products guarantees to our customers that solution can scale, with low costs and at the same time to the evolutions of the market.

We offerspecific solutions based on the needs of real customers and completely aimed to results.

Hear you can take a look on what some of our experts think reading their articles.

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Quality and innovation

Our strategy of continuous improvement - PHVA -provides us a solution that allows us to maintain the competitiveness of our products, solutions and services while improving quality, reducing costs, improving our productivity and increasing our participation in the market. This way, it is reaffirmed our orientation towards business excellence and dedication of all of our resources by offering cost-effective answers.


Commitment to quality

At Tecsidel, we design a business structure based on:

  • A professionalteam of highly qualified and extensive experiencein technical and business field.

  • A decentralized working environmentthat promotes the technical capacity, individual initiative and entrepreneurship.

  • A continuous effort in research and development of new technologies that can optimize the management processes.


The quality process during the development of our products and services is considered to be one of our pillars. Our activities are developed under the framework of a series of processes conforming to our quality management system.

We work under a agile development framework through adaptive models development. This way of working facilitates thesynergy,responsibility and commitment, the collaboration and the team. The concept of team, together with its autonomy and its responsibility ensure the success of assets that it generates.

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We are certified under the standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 for all of our activities and work in Spain.

The application of the standard in the field of the development of advanced information systems gives us a reference in the management of organizational processes and in projects and services in order to improve its adaptation to the needs of the customer and the improvement in time, costs and quality, which no doubt will be a clear improvement in the services provided.

See certificate

{slider CMMi for development|closed}

Our Sotware Factory is located in the development center in Valladolid. It is responsible for the automation of software production processes that optimize the quality of our solutions. It has available the evaluation according to the CMMi maturity model (Capacity Maturity Model Integration) for development (v1.3) level 2 ratifying the good practices and confirming the level of maturity of the processes for the development and maintenance of software systems.

See certificate

{slider ISO 15.504 - SPICE|closed}

We are also evaluated under the ISO/IEC 15504 process assessment, also termed Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination (SPICE), is a set of technical standards documents for the computer software development process and related business management functions.

See certificate



R & D: we carry out a continuous R & D investment

Through innovation, organizations increase their potential. For this reason, year after year, in Tecsidel we perform a continuous R&D investment: technology centers, specialized services, AVANZA and INNPACTO proposals, research projects, creation and implementation of new tools according to objectives and needs.

In summary: a continuous improvement process to create value in the structure of our customers in a measurable way and risk-free.

enisaWe participate in several R&D projects funded by the Science and Innovation Secretary of the Economy and Competitiveness Ministry and the Industry, Energy and Tourism Ministry, within the National Plan of Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011.

Along with the innovation, the internationalization is other Tecsidel bet. We are funded by ENISA (Ministry of Industry, Energy and Turism) to support the efforts that we made among the maintenance and development of our competitive advantages and internationalization.

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Who we are

Values: management quality and realization of the product and the service

Our philosophy is to be guided by efficiency and commitment values reached in all the sectors of the company:

  • Orientation to results

The organization is geared towards the achievement of goals and their sustainability. The establishment of goals ranks personal efforts with the interests of the organization. Shared objectives between the Organization and people and its enforcement are the way that we use to achieve our mission.

  • Sense of belonging

The knowledge and intellectual capacities of people serving of the objectives of the company contribute to the added value of our Organization. For that, we create an environment that allows each person to develop their skills, their creativity and their motivation for the benefit of our customers and our company.

With this goal, we get people who bring the best for a common goal: the growth of our company, generating a collective challenge. Our strategy is based on the cooperation to achieve a common goal and act as our business values. To defend and speak well about our company, about our partners, and especially about our customers, it is rather a result.

  • Commitment to the client

We are committed to meet the expectations and needs of the customer getting a sustainable profitability for our company. We are aware that to get an excellent service for our customers, it is necessary that this quality spirit, applied to services, applies also in internal units providing services to the operational units.

  • Initiative

The entrepreneurial spirit is always looking for innovation and continuous improvement. This spirit, it is maintained in each one of us with respect to our tasks. We are a proactive team and we strive to propose and develop ideas for promoting competition and the future of the company.

We promote a watchful and proactive attitude towards the opportunities arising from the activities of our company, our customers and our industry, as well as the personal interest of self-training and improvement of our personal capabilities.

Ethics code

Tecsidel has developed an ethic code that prevails on the relationship with our customers, partners and the society and the environment in general. This code includes strict environmental standards of civility, professionalism and relationship.

Beyond this, our team is also selected by the critical spirit and the capacity of reaction to complex situations while maintaining the reaction capacity.

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Nuestra visión: The smart way

Ser un referente, nacional e internacional, en la aportación de soluciones. Ofrecer al mercado una  especialización contrastada en las siguientes competencias: sistemas de control de vehículos, especialista en peajes e ITS; sistemas de gestión de almacenes y transporte; redes, gestión de infraestructuras y servicios TIC; e-Government, gestión de documentos y archivos, interoperabilidad y firma electrónica, mantenimiento  de aplicaciones y testing (AM & QA).

Ser reconocidos por la eficacia de nuestras soluciones, por nuestra capacidad de innovación y por ofrecer una calidad de servicio excelente a nuestros clientes.


Nuestros valores:


La organización está orientada al logro de resultados y a su sostenibilidad. Nos comprometemos en satisfacer las expectativas y necesidades del cliente obteniendo de ello una rentabilidad sostenible para nuestra empresa.


Los conocimientos y las capacidades intelectuales se ponen al servicio de la empresa aportando lo mejor para un objetivo común de crecimiento. La iniciativa, las nuevas ideas y el sentido de pertenencia de los colaboradores fomentan la competencia y garantizan el beneficio de los clientes y el futuro de la empresa.


Quiénes somos:

Somos una compañía independiente centrada en el Desarrollo y la Integración de Sistemas Avanzados de Información.

Contamos con una plantilla de más de 300 profesionales y oficinas en Barcelona, Madrid y Valladolid. Además disponemos de filiales internacionales en Brasil, Argentina, Chile, México, India y Noruega.

Nuestro desarrollo se asienta sobre tres pilares:

• Presencia internacional: gracias a la apuesta del proceso de internacionalización, nos ha permitido aprovechar buenas oportunidades en mercados de otros países y mantener nuestra cifra de negocio global;

• Oferta especializada, y bien valorada por nuestros clientes, como herramienta básica para el desarrollo;

• Base de clientes amplia y consolidada, que nos permite mantener un volumen importante en el mercado.


Organigrama corporativo nominativo. Directores y líneas de negocio.

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History and present

Tecsidel was founded in 1979 with the aim of supplying IT services to Spanish companies and with an international vocation. It was a company focused on the development of tailored systems oriented to industrial and telecommunications systems, and focused on the development of software for embedded systems.

One of the initial industrial areas were Toll Applications Systems and ITS basically focused on the lane software, specializing in vehicles automatic classification and the use of all means of payment at the time. The other was the collaboration on the development of ALCATEL telephone switching systems.

Following the process of diversification and specialization, already in the second half of the 90s, new lines of business were created: IT Systems and Logistics Systems.

Therefore a corporate structure which grew quickly was consolidated, giving service to an important group of customers: telephone operators (Telefónica, Vodafone, etc.); different public administrations, both national (Spanish Government) and local (regional Governments and town councils), and the first food companies: Coca-Cola, Damm Beer and several supermarket chains.

The Tecsidel's International vocation comes from its inception, but it greater significance with the creation of the subsidiary Tecsidel do Brazil. Since then, Tecsidel definitely opted for internationalization with the creation of new subsidiaries in Chile (Santiago) and Argentina (Córdoba), which followed new offices in Mexico (Mexico DF), Norway (Oslo) and India (New Delhi).

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SEGA WMS in distribution center, Green Logistic

Last March,Green Logistic, Chilean logistics operator specialized in dangerous loads and Retail, started the activity of its new Logistics Center of Lampa (región Metropolitana de Santiago / Chile), specifically designed for the fulfilment of the Decree DS78 concerning the storage and distribution of hazardous materials.

In this first phasethe new facilities of 20.000 m2 (including warehouses and service areas) add a capacity of 10,000 pallets, contemplating a growth for installations up to 100,000 m2. More than 50 customers store dangerous and flammable substances in wineries specifically built to accommodate these categories of product in accordance with the demanding Chilean rules in this Center. The operator also runs at the same venue general load holds for Retail-focused operations. The Center has specialized areas for value added services, such as thermolaminated, labeled or armored kits, etc.

To manage optimally its new Center,Green Logistic has selected the Tecsidel SEGA WMS system, based on the technical characteristics of the product, which includes specific features for logistics operators and the management of dangerous materials.In this selection it was also evaluated experience, in which Tecsidel offers an extensive curriculum in major facilities at international level, with the presence of more than 15 years in the implementation and direct support of its solutions in Latin America and nearly 35 years in Europe.

According to Felipe Alvarez, Manager of Green Logistic, "SEGA WMS helps us to manage our logistics process simultaneously obtaining efficiency, adherence to standards, excellent traceability and visibility of products and operations, and control of productivity of the staff, with implications for the quality of service we provide to our customers".

Measurement of quality in IP (LIMS)

The increasing use of the IP protocol in the implementation of services of communication of voice, messaging, data and multimedia content used from PCs and Smartphones or tablets, requires used networks to present remarkable qualities.

To ensure this requirement it is necessary to measure the values of those network parameters used in the calculation of quality indicators which depends on these services user experience, accurate and continuously.

The LIMS (Lightweight IP Measurement System), conceived and developed by Tecsidel, system allows you to measure in real-time the quality parameters of the network of IP communications, including:

  • Availability of connection to IP nodes.

  • Fast (bitrate) IP connection (bits per second) in both directions.

  • Instantaneity (latency) of the connection.

  • Jitter (latency between consecutive IP packet variance).


This measurement is performed through the easy deployment of low-cost probes at significant points, in a flexible, continuous, transparent and sure manner. The precision of the measurements made by the LIMS probes is certified by the Spanish Metrology Centre, under the Ministry of industry of Spain.

The LIMS system consists of:

  • A server that acts as a central repository for configuration, collection and publication of measures and control.

  • A park of probes dedicated, based on LEA (Linux Embedded Application), strategically located, - or eventually running also on PCs or devices of end-users.

  • Points of reference (PR) established the procedures associated with these measures, whose software is downloaded from the central server.

The operation of the LIMS system comprises the following steps:

  1. Configuration system, via web.

  2. Update the configuration in the probes.

  3. Implementation of the network (tube - PR's).

  4. Upload of results from probes to the server and storage in the server database.

  5. Consultation reports via web.




Calculation and notification of alarm situations


Test and report of UDP Jitter


Test and measurement SNMP report

CSP mobility

Test and measures IP mobility (3G, 4G) reports


Test and measures WiFi IP reports


Test and measurements of QoE Video reports on Demand


Test and measurements of QoE Video reports online

When developing the LIMS system, Tecsidel has started from its experience in the integration and development of support systems in the operation of telecommunications networks, following the maxim of Lord Kelvin "If you can not measure it, you can not improve it".

Noted as an application of the LIMS system measurement of quality parameters set out in the standard ETSI EG 202 057 for Internet access service provided by telecom operators that, according to Ministerial order ITC/912/2006 of 29 March, must have these operators in January 1, 2007.