Pick to Light in TSU cosmetics

TSU Cosméticos, located in Buenos Aires, is an Argentinena brand with 35 years in the market and leader among the companies of direct selling. Through direct sale service, they got to form a wide network of resellers that covers the national territory and continues to grow every day, with a potential of 4 million customers. At the same time, since 1997, TSU has a presence in Uruguay.


In their quest for excellence, TSU invests in technology and scientific research, in the context of a world in constant evolution. This is the fundamental reason why TSU has decided to select as its business partner Tecsidel and implement SEGA PTL and Pick to Light technology to prepare in a more productive way the customers’ orders.

TSU plant is located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It counts with 39 picking stations aimed at low and high rotation products, which were equipped with the technology of Pick to Light and SEGA PTL, owned by Tecsidel.Thus, TSU manages more than 2,600 positions with articles by luminous devices, allowing operators to prepare orders without papers or sheets of preparation, but through luminous signs that guide them to the correct locations, showing the exact amounts of units to pick up.

Lights technology will be used to perform picking operation (Pick to Light) with products of average and high rotation, classification (Put to Light), inventory controls, mounting processes.

“.. In TSU we decided to update the technology of our preparation plants, aiming to increase our operational capacity, helping our workers to work with greater security to have their hands completely free and minimize operating errors, coming from using pencil and paper. We are totally satisfied with SEGA PTL Tecsidel solution, because in a short period of time we have seen the benefits.”

“This Technology is easy to be implemented and also our operators hardly have had to need training and periods of adaptation..."words of Juan Brezigar, Operations Manager of TSU cosmetics.

By incorporating this technology, TSU has managed to increase its productivity by more than 40%, lowing a 50% the errors that were caused to make preparation using pencil and paper.



Copexa in Mexico

Tecsidel is in the process of finishing a turnkey toll and highway project in Xalapa (Mexico) for the highway concession Copexa. The toll project consists of a 3 level system in 2 toll plazas, including   supply of all the hardware, wirings, fiber optic network, and installation and commissioning. The highway project deals with turnkey solutions implemented along the highway, such as SOS call boxes, CCTV cameras, IP phones and Variable Message Signs. From the technological point of view    Tecsidel implemented laser detection with redundant Optical DAC composed of photoelectric cells and controlled by IP PLC.