SEGA, PTL and automated ECC store

ECC belongs to the mercury Groep BV, undisputed leader in commercialization of high quality communication strategies. With its trademark Belarto, undertakes the design, printing and distribution of greeting cards for significant life events.

It has a logistics platform automated in the city of Heerlen, Holland.

Business objectives

The use of the Internet, supported with an effective logistic strategy, has allowed to expand the business to ten European countries.  From Norway to Spain, the Group inspires the vocation to work well done, thus achieving better benefits for the company.

Solution SEGA, Ptl and automated warehouse

Tecsidel has proposed a standard management system of warehouses (SEGA) which together with the company's ERP, enables automated management of storage and distribution of goods.

Account with an automatic trays store (fine stocker):

For trays, 1760 they have locations accessible by a Stacker. They have jobs picking technology Put to Light to prepare 18 orders simultaneously.


With the automation of warehouses carried out by ULMA and managed by SEGA customer has been able to improve its response time with its wide flow of orders and in turn, increase the volume of business.