SEGA, RF and PTL in Oblanca

Oblanca is a business group whose career began more than 40 years ago with the breeding and commercial slaughter of birds. It has a logistics platform automated in the city of Onzonilla, Leon.

Business objectives

To provide complete coverage to the distribution network in Castilla-León, with its own fleet of vehicles equipped with bi-temperatura, they ensure the delivery, traceability and attention personalized paraalcanzar success in your business.

SEGA, RF and Pick solution to light (PTL)

Tecsidel has proposed a standard management system of warehouses (SEGA) which together with the company's ERP, enables automated management of storage and distribution of goods.

It has an automatic warehouse of pallets (compact system):

For pallets, 1984 have locations accessible by two stacker cranes. They possess jobs picking technology Put to Light.


The automation of the warehouse main frozen and the system of preparation of orders, units, Pick to Light at - 20 ° C have ensured the correct preparation of expeditions and strict control of lots which allows us to give a perfect traceability.