An opportunity for the Catalan ICT sector

Author: José Pérez

Las 27th Octobre it was the start of a process to create a new model of ICT procurement in the Generalitat de Catalunya, and recently tecnonews reflected some concerns about Catalan SMEs in an editorial.

When a large ICT consumer, as it is the Generalitat, reorganizes its recruitment model provokes, internally and its surroundings, a large shock. The important buyers create an ecosystem of small and large organizations that are aligned with their goals. A change of the nature of the announcement implies that the old and new players will have to work to achieve a good level of alignment in the new scenario that is believed. This management change is an important responsibility of the promoter of the initiative.

One of the sections that are included in the new engagement model is what is known as "sourcing for the maintenance and development of computer applications". Progress towards a model of sourcing in this area, means basically, taking steps in the process of industrialization of the software production. Doing things better and more efficiently is something that can benefit the Generalitat and the ecosystem that collaborates with then.

Tecsidel is a medium size Catalan company, which has more than 30 years developing software and that also is working on the industrialization of their own production processes. It offers sourcing services to various customers and has already lived throughout its history various transformation processes as which now starts the Generalitat. From this perspective, I would like to point out the importance of some aspects that I think can help that an initiative of this nature is a great opportunity for the consolidation and development of the companies that are part of Catalan economic net:

  • In the process of sourcing a decisive aspect is the distribution of tasks between the customer and the supplier. The customer needs to retain the key activities that will enable it to ensure that they get from the IT, all what they can bring to their business and the proper control of the service.

  • The fact that the customer has this capability is the best guarantee for the optimum sizing of the blocks of the service, which will be the key for the reorganization of the ecosystem and the role that will be able to play organizations of different size in the process.

  • For small and medium-sized organizations the key to success in this process will be in if we are able to cooperate, adding capabilities and build solvent proposals.

Economies of scale for application development and maintenance activities are not entirely clear. Some small and medium-sized companies have the same access, as the large ones, to tools of the efficiencies that allow securing the customers cost objectives. The opportunity for this type of companies is in being able to focus, and clearly convey the values that we can contribute to this process.
All of the above can be summarized in that for this process, which begins, to be really an opportunity for organizations based in Catalonia and to help consolidate and develop its ICT sector, it is important, that the process of dialogue may have a place diverse organizations, and that the sector is able to cooperate to realign with the objectives of the Government. This will represent a broader competition and that it can achieve the objectives of efficiency and quality that is going to require a whole ecosystem.

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