SEGA, PTL and automated in Chausson Matériaux warehouse

CHAUSSON MATÉRIAUX is the first independent company of distribution of materials for the construction.

It has 240 points of sale distributed over 50 departments of France.

They have two logistics platforms, automated in the town of Lavaur, France.

About 3000 employees ensure an optimal level of quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

Business objectives

Increase your business using technology both for sale and distribution logistics.

SEGA, PTL solution and automated warehouse

Tecsidel has proposed a standard management system of warehouses (SEGA) which together with the company's ERP, enables automated management of storage and distribution of goods.

They are equipped with two automatic warehouses: buckets (fine stocker) and pallets (compact system):

For cuvettes, They have 7872 locations accessible by three stacker cranes. They have jobs picking technology Put to Light.

For pallets, 2912 have locations accessible by two stacker cranes ASRs. It has capacity for sheathing, label and automatically issue the pallets. Picking has Put technology to Light.


With the automation of warehouses managed by SEGA, among others, has been able to increase turnover from € 470M in 2008 to € 740 M in 2011.

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