DAC System in France, SANEF

The project consisted of a readjustment of the laser DAC system in 61 Rails with Tecsidel’s solution for SANEFF (Highways of the North and East Society in France).

The DAC solution enables the acquisition of a 3-D model of each car; it counts the number of axles and determines the height and presence of trailers. Tecsidel system is able to determine the category of the vehicle and by means of the parameters processed it can be classified according to the number of axles, the overall height and the presence or not of trailers.

Parking and access control Spain ABERTIS

The exclusive parking collection system for trucks is located in Montseny and La Porta de Barcelona areas, both very close to Barcelona. It was a project developed for Abertis. It is a surface without shalter for 2 parkings, with a capacity of 122 spaces in the first parking and 56 spaces in the second one, both with 3 access lanes. Trucks are identified by OBE (electronic tag) and the system recognizes the registration of the vehicle (OCR) and captures a video with the sequence of the transit.

The system controls the vehicle height and detects the possible trailer by checking the concordance of all previous data in input and output, to ensure the drivers safety. The system also manages pedestrian’s access to the facilities through the use of barcode tickets.