Toll system in Ireland, EUROLINK

Toll system for the M3 highway in Ireland for EUROLINK. The project consists of two tollgates with a total of 20 lanes, which combine manual collection, electronic (electronic toll collection) and automatic being a total of 16 mixed lanes and 4 electronic ones. It uses one and two levels automatic terminals and carries out the classification by means of contact treadles and laser.


Triângulo do Sol manages 442 km of roads that make up the 9th lot of the program of concessions of the Government of the São Paulo State. Triângulo do Sol Auto-Estradas S/A is currently part of the Grupo AB Concesiones being the 4th best company of concessions in Brazil.

The toll system developed for Triângulo do Sol covered 7 plazas in cities: Araraquara, Dobrada, Jabaticabal, Taiuva, Agulha, Itápolis and Catiguá, for a total of 82 equipped lanes: with 54 manual collection lanes and 28 electronic collection lanes. The entire system is managed by a Back Office application and the classification is performed by contact treadles.