Innovation in telecommunications projects

Author: Miquel Gonzalez

The research and development projects in which Tecsidel participates, specifically in the field of telecommunication networks operation support systems are reviewed in this article. From 6 years ago, Barcelona in the area of global it services division comes working continuously with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the i2CAT Foundation. Before listing the projects advances in fiber optics and the management challenges posed are exposed. To finish the article emphasizes the Tecsidel technical capacity in this area.

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The blue giant

Author: Juan Carlos Ruiz

In the more than two years have elapsed since the purchase of Micromuse by IBM, many things have changed in our partnership relationship with the owner of the Netcool suite. Last the maelstrom and uncertainty of the first months, subsequent to the acquisition, Netcool suite has since been perfectly framed within the brand of Tivoli, a huge catalog of tools oriented to the management of systems, security, and storage. Soon Tecsidel has gone from being a partner of medium-sized enterprises to be the largest manufacturer of software in the world. This changes the landscape, and how.

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