Tecsidel and Claro sign a SEGA LTM project for its DCs in Argentina

Claro, the large Mexican telecommunications company with presence in 18 countries of America, has signed a project with Tecsidel for the implementation of SEGA LTM ​​in two distribution centers (DCs) in Argentina located in Buenos Aires and Córdoba. SEGA LTM ​​is the solution for yard management that allows the planning and control of the vehicles activities in industrial and logistical areas, with the aim of obtaining the maximum efficiency and quality in all operations carried out.

The system optimizes the internal traffic with management functions such as parking lots for waiting, weighing stations or loading and unloading operations. On this occasion, one of the main problems that the distribution centers of Claro have are the long delays to perform the loading or unloading, which causes a significant imbalance at the arrival and departure of the DC.

It is important to mention that Claro company has more than 260 million users, and is currently the fourth largest and most important telecommunications company in the world.

But thanks to the SEGA LTM agenda functionalities ​​(Web Appointments Management), Claro will be able to know with accuracy the weekly schedule of the suppliers, carriers shifts, as well as the transit, waiting and operation times. In this way, Claro will optimize the resources of its DC and accelerate downloads and uploads, thus offering an agile and efficient service.

Furthermore, the system will be installed in SaaS mode. This application with web and Android interfaces will provide a QR code with the scheduled appointment to each transport and allow a real-time communication with carriers through this application.